Projector Screens for Large Conference Rooms

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This customer comes with empty hands and an open mind ready to discuss the options for putting a screen into her conference room.  The discussion reviewed the possible alternatives from a flush install to an in-ceiling mount; whether to use a custom integrator or chalk this one up as a DIY project.  For in-ceiling installations, a professional will be needed but if you want to do it yourself, we can walk you through that as well.


Here are the links used in the discussion:


*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • [20:16] Customer: Hi
  • [20:16]        Jaime: Hello, this is Jaime with the Elite Screens service team; how may I help you?
  • [20:16] Customer: I’m looking for a large electric motorized projector screen
  • [20:16] Customer: for our conference room
  • [20:16] Customer: any recommendations?
  • [20:17]        Jaime: Would you prefer it concealed in the ceiling, mounted on the wall, or suspended from the ceiling?
  • [20:18] Customer: we prefer to mount on the ceiling
  • [20:18] Customer: we are in an office
  • [20:18] Customer: The ceiling has solid wood beams that I am pretty sure we can’t cut into so it will need to be attached to the ceiling.
  • [20:19] Customer: If we were to cut into the ceiling, what is required?
  • [20:19]        Jaime: You should definitely consult an installer to look over some of our screens and determine the best approach.  Here is a tech tip we did on installing an in ceiling screen.  I am going to give you two different models for your consideration.
  • [20:19]        Jaime: The VMAX2 is one that is most commonly used in offices:  Here is a how to video to install this screen itself.
  • [20:20]        Jaime: if you are going to conceal the screen, The Evanesce is the recommended choice:
  • [20:20] Customer: do you have retail store?
  • [20:21]        Jaime: we have a shop website
  • [20:21]        Jaime: here is the link:
  • [20:22] Customer: so we buy it online
  • [20:22] Customer: and then find a local installer to mount it for us?
  • [20:23]        Jaime: You can buy it directly from us or have a professional installer handle it.  They should already be familiar with our brand but if there are any questions, the installer can contact us directly.
  • [20:23]        Jaime: We have sister companies that deal directly with installers too. We’ve been doing this for a while.
  • [20:24]        Jaime: So you can either buy your own and DIY or have an installer do it all including the purchase for you.
  • [20:24]        Jaime: would you prefer that?
  • [20:24] Customer: sounds like a plan
  • [20:25]        Jaime: I will have my sales rep contact you
  • [20:25] Customer: so you guys only sell screens?
  • [20:25]        Jaime: That is correct. If you are going DIY, we are one of a few stops you’ll need to make in getting all your gear for the job.  If you  go through an installer, they handle it all for you and they know what the good stuff is and what isn’t
  • [20:26]        Jaime: We also have dealers who sell our screens and mount them for customers too.
  • [20:26] Customer: I think we only need a screen.
  • [20:27] Customer: Nothing complicated.  Our team can mount a projector screen to the ceiling.
  • [20:27] Customer: my email is ….@……com
  • [20:27] Customer: my phone is
  • [20:29]        Jaime: ok, you will be getting a call in few minutes.
  • [20:29]        Jaime: thank you for contacting us today
  • [20:29] Customer: yep.
  • [20:29] Customer: thank you for your help
  • [20:29]        Jaime: My pleasure
  • [20:29]        Jaime: Have a great afternoon and thank you for choosing Elite Screens.
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