Service Chat: I Need Replacement Feet For My ezCinema Free-Standing Portable Projection Screen

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This customer need replacement feet for his ezCinema “pull-up” lightweight projector screen. Even if it’s -not on the menu, always … Read More

Service Chat: How do I Change the Vertical Adjustment on An EPV PolarMax Electric projection screen

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This topic covers the adjustable drop settings for the Polar Max Tension (retractable Polarstar material). It is factory pre-set to … Read More

Service Chat: Does an Electric Projection Screen act like a Manual Projector Screen when the Power is Off?

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This is a very important topic and knowing the answer will prevent serious damage to your Electric projection screen.  When … Read More

Service Chat: I Bought a Screen That is Too Big. How Can I Return It?

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Sometimes Bigger is not better. Here is an often-encountered scenario where a customer buys a screen that is too big … Read More

Service Chat: How Can I Find a Compatible Wireless Remote?

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This customer is looking for a remote but there are many to choose from. The discussion below covers the process … Read More

Service Chat: My Aeon Screen Material is Too Small for the Frame

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This customer was trying to assemble a fixed-frame projection screen in the cold where the material has contracted and became … Read More

How Do I Get the Projection Screen To Stop at a Different Height Setting?

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This customer is interested in adjusting the electric screen’s automatic stopping point when the screen comes down.  It’s called the … Read More

Extension Legs for the Yard Master 2

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A customer is interested in getting a new set of support legs for her Yard Master 2 outdoor projection screen … Read More

Can I change the material on my frame screen?

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Existing customers who buy our frame screens often want to just swap out the material rather than buy a whole … Read More

Service Chat Electric Projector Screen Height Settings and Vertical Limits Electric Projector Screen Height Settings and Vertical Limits

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A customer is putting in a projector screen and really wants to make it impressive but bigger is not always … Read More

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