ANSI Lumens and Screen Gain Educational Video

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ANSI Lumens are the units of measurement for Projector Output. See this video before buying your projector and screen.

How to Select a Projection Screen Material

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Different projection screen materials are made to accommodate whatever type of screen environment you have. Here are some pointers for … Read More

How to Properly Mount a Projection Screen

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Your physical comfort is just as important as the quality of the presentation. Here are industry standard instructions on properly … Read More

4K/UltraHD Educational Video

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Video resolution is a big deal and 4K is becoming the new standard. Learn about it through this fast, easy … Read More

Selecting a Screen Size Educational Video

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How big should your projector screen be? While the basic answer is “whatever you want”, here’s what the experts say.

Ultra Short-Throw Projector Compatibility

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In this video we show why ultra/short throw projectors are not compatible with non-tensioned projection screens or drywall.

Aspect Ratio/Resolution Educational Video

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Projector screens come in many shapes to accommodate everything from an overhead projector to a cinemascope presentation. Learn all about … Read More