Extension Legs for the Yard Master 2

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A customer is interested in getting a new set of support legs for her Yard Master 2 outdoor projection screen but is concerned that she cannot find them anywhere online.  Service team member, Maritza came out with a solution and options to spare.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer”.



4:00:00 PM                 Maritza – Thank you for contacting Sales department, how may I help you?

1:22:00 PM          Customer – will the ZOMS2-L135 fit our 100″ rear projection screen? I see that no one has ZOMS2-LEGS in stock.

1:23:29 PM                 Maritza – I will be happy to assist

1:23:41 PM                 Maritza – one moment please as I check on this information

1:24:02 PM          Customer – thanks

1:24:24 PM                 Maritza – which projector screen series do you own?

1:24:48 PM          Customer – yard master 2 , 100″ rear

1:27:07 PM                 Maritza – Okay, so you have  the 100-inch Yard Master 2 with the rear-projection material?

1:27:28 PM          Customer – yes

1:27:59 PM                 Maritza – The model of the leg extenders you provided are designed for a different size category of the Yard Master 2.

1:28:50 PM          Customer – any idea when the ZOMS2-LEGS will be available for purchase?

1:29:13 PM                 Maritza – If I may have a moment, I’ll check availability for you.

1:34:12 PM                 Maritza – we have the regular legs, but there may be a wait on the extended legs.

1:34:30 PM          Customer – great

1:34:46 PM                 Maritza – The extended legs are inbound, would you like me to reserve a set for you?

1:34:59 PM          Customer – thanks, the regular legs will do so I don’t need the extended models.  Can you send me the contact for your sales department?

1:35:20 PM                 Maritza – I certainly will. My email address is service@elitescreens.com ; please send me your information and I can connect you.  Or you can reach out directly to sales@elitescreens.com . Is there anything else I may assist you with today ?

1:34:59 PM          Customer – thanks,  I’m good. Expect my email in the next few minutes.

1:37:53 PM                 Maritza – I look forward to it. Thank you for chatting with Elite Screens have a wonderful day.

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