How Do I Get the Projection Screen To Stop at a Different Height Setting?

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This customer is interested in adjusting the electric screen’s automatic stopping point when the screen comes down.  It’s called the vertical limit switch and here is how it works.




*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer” or a generic name.



[22:07]        Rick: Hello, how may I help you.

[22:08] Customer: Hi I have the Elite Screens Spectrum, 110-inch

[22:10] Customer: and I was wondering if there was any way to make it stop when you put it down at the same spot every time that you put it down

[22:11]        Rick: yes, the screen has a mechanical limit adjustment built in. We call it the vertical limit switch.

[22:11]        Rick: Here is a link showing you the steps to adjust your screen.

[22:11]        Rick:

[22:12] Customer: Thank you very much have a nice day

[22:16]        Rick: you’re welcome. have a great day.



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