Service Chat: My Aeon Screen Material is Too Small for the Frame

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This customer was trying to assemble a fixed-frame projection screen in the cold where the material has contracted and became too small to mount.  To compound the problem, he was given the wrong instructions to use. This discussion resolved it all.




*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer” or a generic name.


[17:27] Jaime: Hello, how may I help you?

[17:27] Customer: We received 2 Aeon free 150″ screens but the material is too short. About 4-5 inches or so too small for the frame (posts picture)

[17:29] Jaime: I noticed that this is being assembled in a garage and there is snow on the ground outside. Screen materials such as this will shrink when temperatures drop. What you need to do is to maintain the temperature in the room above 70 degrees overnight, which allows for the material to expand. We have tested this at our facility and it has always had the same results.

[17:29] Jaime: That will make the material easier to stretch. It becomes more pliable when warm

[17:29] Jaime: You can also apply some heat on the material with a hair dryer on high setting

[17:29] Jaime: …no more than 2 minutes across all of the material

[17:30] Jaime: Attach the four corners first

[17:30] Customer: 2 of the corners won’t reach

[17:30] Jaime: Are you pulling somewhat hard? If the material is cold, you’ll find yourself pulling excessively hard.

[17:30] Jaime: You may do have to do some tugging but if you find yourself pulling so hard that you many damage the product, stop it and do not resume until the screen has warmed up.

[17:30] Jaime: Also, the help of a second person will make it easier

[17:31] Customer: Did you see the picture? do you think it will stretch that far without tearing or distorting?

[17:31] Customer: It’s 4-5 inches

[17:31] Jaime: Try warming the material and then give it a try. If it tears, I have you covered. If in case it does no work and the material tears, all you have to do is submit our claim form online. This is the link to the claim form:

[17:31] Customer: It has to go all the way around the frame

[17:32] Jaime: this one does not wrap completely around the frame, just the edges.

[17:32] Jaime: It attaches with springs.  Here is an instructional video –

[17:32] Jaime: The spring hooks attach through grommets at the very edge of the material.

[17:33] Customer: According to the directions, it wraps around

[17:33] Customer: And connects to the back of the frame?

[17:33] Jaime: My apologies for that; you may have received the wrong instructions. I’ll get you the right instructions right away.

[17:34] Jaime: you can print out the correct instructions from this link:

[17:36] Customer: That’s more like it. Everything makes sense now. Thanks.

[17:38] Jaime: My pleasure.  Thank you for choosing elite screens.


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