What Screen for a Short Throw Projector in a Large Banquet Hall?

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This customer is interested in equipping her banquet room. This article covers the discussion as to which screen would work best as well as insight as to which materials work best with the various projectors on the market today.

Here are the links used in the discussion:

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • [18:28] Customer: Good afternoon, i wanted to ask what suggestions you would have for screens. My company will be installing 3 projector screens in a large banquet hall and it is requested to be either 180″ or 200″ screens. The screens will be mounted on the ceiling, and the ceilings are roughly 20′ up. The distance from the mounting point to the bottom of the screen is requested to be 12′, whilst maintaining either a 16:9 or 16:9 ratio. I understand a custom size will be required and the top black masking will be quite substantial. I was curious as to what model type you would suggest, along with screen material. There is a possibility of using a short throw projector, but if you could suggest materials for both short throw and conventional it would be appreciated.
  • [18:29]        Rick I would be glad to help and yes, I have some great ideas for you.  Just one moment please and I will gather some resources for you to go over.
  • [18:32]        Rick : If you have any additional questions, please let me know in the meantime.
  • [18:32]        Rick: we do have a large screen that i can recommend for a short throw projector.
  • [18:32] Customer: Hi there, sorry for the large message. figured it would be easier if i put it all out there. Yes, I am interested in seeing what you come up with.
  • [18:33]        Rickhttps://eliteproav.com/product/cinetension-plus-series/
  • [18:33]        Rick: This is a 180″ diagonal screen in a 16:9 ratio.
  • [18:33]        Rickhttps://eliteproav.com/wp-content/uploads/PDFs/EPAV_DimensionsTable/EPAV_CineTension2_180.pdf
  • [18:36] Customer: how much more would it cost to increase the top black masking to allow the screen to drop down lower. from the case to the bottom of the screen, we are seeking roughly 12ft
  • [18:36]        Rick: also, if you need a custom screen you may reach out to my sales representative at [email protected]  if you need a smaller 135” size, we provide great in-ceiling screens as well. Recessed in-ceiling projection screens – https://eliteproav.com/product-category/electric-screens-recessedin-ceiling/
  • [18:37] Customer: ok
  • [18:37]        Rick: I recommend a matte white material because you will have ambient light control in a banquet hall and its wide diffusion uniformity (viewing angle) will accommodate everyone in the room best.  Here is a great video on selecting screen sizes. https://elitescreens.com/elitetube/screen_size_edu.mp4 I think that either a 180” or 200” sized screen will serve you well.
  • [18:37] Customer: Thanks.  I was wondering about that and you have equipped me well.  Do you have anything that talks more about the right material for a short throw projector, UST or Standard projector?
  • [18:38]        Rick: I have.  Here is a great article on the topic – https://elitescreens.com/front/front/newsdetail/news/355
  • [18:38] Customer: Okay, this is good. Thanks for helping me out.
  • [18:38]        Rick: My pleasure.  Thank you for choosing Elite Screens.
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