Help Me Replace My 1960s Projection Screen

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This is a great example of getting the right gear for a small church congregation in a rural town. Ceiling Light Rejecting (CLR®) screens with a low-cost UST projector makes a great combination that dwarfs large TV flat panels at a fraction of the cost.


Here are the links used in the discussion that are for some favorite UST projector-friendly screens:


*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • [18:14]        Rick: Hello, how may I help you.
  • [18:14] Customer: Hi. I’m a pastor at a small rural church and we are looking to change our screen. We currently have a screen from 1967.
  • [18:15] Customer: We are debating between a tv monitor and a fixed frame screen. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on why a screen would be better?
  • [18:15] Customer: Or which products to start looking at.
  • [18:16]        Rick: This depends on your preference. here is a link of the fix frame screens I recommend. There are a lot of affordable projectors and screens to choose from out there.
  • [18:16]        Rick: The Sable Frame is very affordable. I recommend looking up the make and model of your projector online It is important to make sure your projector and screen have the same aspect ratio.
  • [18:18]        Rick: the big difference between a projector screen and a TV monitor is that the tv will work well in lit rooms. as for the screen, you will need to have some light control to get the best bright picture.
  • [18:19] Customer: Our little church is really small.  It can accommodate nothing larger than 100” 16:9 screen.  The chapel is very traditional so everyone is sitting in rows and from a theater perspective, nobody is “off-axis”.
  • [18:20]        Rick: I have a good idea here and it would be a lot cheaper than a large flat-panel screen.  Here is a great article on it.  This is an ambient light rejecting screen that works specifically with UST (ultra short throw) projectors.  UST projectors are getting very affordable.  Here is another article on the topic. .  This is becoming popular with homes and small businesses.
  • [18:22] Customer: Thanks Rick.  I am pouring over the links now.  These are very informative and I appreciate you making it easy for me.  My next step will be a little web shopping now that I know what I am looking for. Thanks.
  • [18:22]        Rick: It was my pleasure to help. Thank you for choosing Elite Screens.
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