Home Theater Review – The Pros & Cons of UST Projectors

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Jerry Del Colliano of HomeTheaterReview.com writes:

Roll the tape forward a generation or so to today, and video manufacturers are getting excited all over again by the concept of short throw projectors. These small box systems basically package a small projector that needs a foot or two of space to shoot back up to what can be a pretty large screen.
You may be asking: why don’t you just buy a traditional front video projector and screen? For many consumers and especially home theater enthusiasts, there is no beating the quality, size, and value of today’s 4K front video projectors beaming onto the right video screen. For others, like younger renters, the idea of running long HDMI cables and AC power, not to mention installing brackets on the ceiling, is a non-starter. That doesn’t mean that these consumers don’t want big, bright video systems in their homes. They do. They need it to get the most from streaming 4K, blockbuster video game titles, UHD Blu-ray, and more. Hence, short throw projectors are becoming more and more of a thing.

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