Elite Screens Kestrel Series Projection Screen Reviewed

Home Theater Review took Elite Screens’ Kestrel Series out for a spin and had this to say:

The Kestrel is unique in that it is an automated design that is not only portable, but also has tremendous potential in more permanent installations. In the case of my personal home theater, I had wanted to have a recessed screen in my ceiling. However, the trusses in my ceiling made that an impossibility, resulting in my having to “hide” a regular motorized drop-down screen behind some elegant yet bulky crown molding. Had the Kestrel been available when I was shopping, I could have easily sunken the casing into a custom mantle piece or the floor for a much stealthier installation. Imagine a large floating shelf that doubles as a mantle, only to transform into a theater screen when the family decides to gather around for movie night. That’s pretty damn cool.