Whiteboard Screen Universal at INLAND AUDIO VISUAL LTD Distributed by ADI Canada

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    Andrew Kray, Salesman, Field Installations
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    INLAND AUDIO VISUAL LTD Distributed by ADI Canada
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    Winnipeg, MB
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Whiteboard Screen Universal by ADI Canada

Tell us about a project in which you used this product?

Whiteboard Screen Universal 87” Was needed for a business installation in a physical therapy office. Other options were at first tried but ultimately, the job called for a full prefabricated whiteboard product. Elite sent over a WB87XW (87” 16:10 WXGA aspect ratio)


Which of the product’s specific features or specs were instrumental in your decision to use this product versus another solution and why?

Without a doubt, the 1.1 gain structure is the strongest selling feature.  Other dry erase-projection screens on the market use specialized materials to enhance brightness when a good matte white that does not hotspot answers the call for virtually any whiteboard-projection screen installation. Any other solutions are less versatile and have hot-spotting issues.


For what types of applications do you recommend this product to other commercial integrators and why?

It is strongly recommended to use these exclusively with  ultra short-throw projectors. The Rigid Whiteboard-projection screens fulfill their role perfectly flat with dual functionality as both a projection screen (that handles interactive presentation accessories beautifully) and as a dry-erase writing surface.  Despite our endeavors to be a “high tech” society, most people still prefer the simplest and easiest solutions. For that reason, a vast majority of end-users still like to use the traditional dry-erase markers.  The Versawhite material in Elite’s WhiteBoardscreen Universal allows this by continuing to  gives the customer the option of using either high tech or traditional means in their presentations.

Explain how difficult or easy the installation of this product was and anything unique you think other installers would want to know before they install it.

Finished whiteboards arrive on the building site without any need for assembly and go onto the wall nice and flat.  However, there is a little bit of play at the bottom which can affect the convergence. Make sure that there are at least 4 contact points  (2-top and 2-bottom) are secured in order attain a perfectly flush fit. Just using the top attachments while ignoring the bottom ones just doesn’t cut it.


Can you name (and explain) the three biggest benefits – “pros” – for an installer using this product?

Easy to install
Proper aspect ratios. It is a real 4:3 or 16:10, etc.
No hot-spotting.  Even  lighting on the surface with side diffusion uniformity.


Can you name (and explains) the three biggest negatives – “cons” – for an installer using this product?

Play at the bottom. Make sure that there are top and bottom contact points are properly attached.

In regards to the Versawhite material itself, its preferred form is in that of a WhiteBoardScreen Universal, not the pliable material. The instant whiteboards need to be less spongy and prone to wrinkle.  The rigid-backed whiteboard screen is more durable and much easier to work with.

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