Calvary Chapel East Anaheim

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  • Date:  Feb. 22, 2017
  • Location:  Calvary Chapel East Anaheim
  • Product: Aeon Series – Model #: AR120WH2
  • Projector used with the Screen:  Multiple UST (Ultra Short-Throw) Projectors
  • Product Notes: House of worship application requiring an alternative to standard-throw projection source due to high foot traffic presence.
  • Project location: Anaheim, CA


Houses of Worship have proven to present a wide range of both challenges and opportunities when using projection technologies.  For this reason, a screen manufacturer must have a myriad of solutions on hand.  In the past, Elite has posted case studies on portable free-standing units and various specialty materials but here is another solution to a common problem, heavy foot traffic.

In this case, Calvary Chapel East Anaheim required an ultra short throw (UST) layout so that a large image could be shown in a high foot traffic area without being impeded by the shadow effect of people passing between the projector and screen.

Staff member Josh Terada enthusiastically spoke of how the Aeon (AR120WH2) brings a tremendous amount of quality for such a comparatively low price.  The Aeon is an EDGE FREE® design.  Instead of having a wrap-around frame “edge”, the framework is internal with a wrap-around matte white material covering it. Josh especially pointed out how the projection surface ensures that “…scripture can be clearly seen and video image quality is easily attained.”

The use of  the Aeon projector screen with matte white material was “more aesthetically pleasing; simple to work with; and the size is perfect.”

The innovative method of providing solutions to all the challenges presented by your projection environment is a primary objective on Elite’s research and development team.  Regardless if it is a small theater room, classroom, convention hall or gilded sanctuary where wall or ceiling installations are not practical,  Elite Screens is here to help you bring home the big screen experience.

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