Which Dry-Erase “Whiteboard” Projector Screen is Right for You?

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Elite makes a variety of fixed frame projector screens to accommodate a variety of installations.  This includes matte white or specialty materials such as acoustically transparent, rear-projection, and ambient light rejecting.  To compare the various models, look at the comparison sheet (here).


Elite Screens’ Dry Erase Projector Screens Adds Real Time Liveliness to Presentations!

Elite Screens has led its projection screen expertise to develop resonant products of choice like the dry erase whiteboard projection solutions! Elite Screens produces a fine range of white board projection screens that can be usefully doubled up for classroom writing during lecture presentations while simultaneously leveraging fine projection benefits to make the concepts more clear in real time! Such screens have emerged as a popular choice for classroom presentations and boardroom conferences of the companies.

Elite Screens is a quality manufacturer of dry erase whiteboard projector screens of different sizes to suit the presentation and ambience needs. These marker board projector screens are scratch resistant through the use of advanced materials and come with special whiteboard markers and self attach cradle.

The company offers its dry erase screen products through Insta DE/DE2/DEM Series, WhiteboardScreen Universal Series and Ambient Light Rejecting WhiteBoardScreen Series.

The Insta DE2 Series is offered in sizes of 84 inches, medium 97 inches and larger 105 inches and delivers a thorough 180 degree wide viewing experience!

The Ambient Light Rejecting WhiteBoardScreen Series has Star Bright 4.0 Gain, high reflectivity projection surface and delivers the viewing experience at its zenith!


Ambient Light Rejecting WhiteBoardScreen™ Series

The versatile Ambient Light Rejecting WhiteBoardScreen™ has enhanced reflectivity: This whiteboard projection screen uses our unique StarBright™ 4 (4.0 gain) material for in-line seating. Its highly reflective projection surface enhances brightness and contrast while countering the washout effect of ambient light. It is perfect for rooms with high ambient light, such as persentations rooms, when used with standard throw projectors.

Ambient Light Rejecting WhiteBoardScreen™


Insta-DE Series

The Insta-DE instantly transforms any wall or window into a white board projection screen. The soft-padded dry erase whiteboard projection screen with VersaWhite 1.1 gain material is the ideal solution for short throw projectors and educational training facilities in need of both a projection screen and a writing surface.

Insta-DE Series


Insta-DEM Series

The Insta-DEM instantly transforms any magnetic surface into a dry erase whiteboard. The self-adhesive dry erase whiteboard projection screen with VersaWhite 1.1 gain material is the Ideal solution for short throw projectors and educational training facilities in need of both a projection screen and a writing surface.

Insta-DEM Series


WhiteBoardScreen™ Series

The WhiteBoardScreen™ Series is a versatile solution that combines whiteboard with projection screen. The ultimate presentation tool for your meeting room or classroom. This unique whiteboard projection screen does not glare unlike traditional whiteboards and is available in two front projection materials. The VersaWhite (matte white 1.1 gain) is ideal for ultra/short-throw projectors. The StarBright™ 4 is for standard throw projectors for rooms with ambient light. The WhiteBoardScreen is bordered in an aluminum light weight black frame and includes pens, erasers, and a tray.

WhiteBoardScreen™ Series

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