Spectrum Tab-Tension Series

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A: Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking here.

A: For the instructional guide on synchronizing the ZU12V, please click here.
To watch the instructional video, please click here.

A: The entire material is made of the AcousticPro UHD, so it is transparent.

A: No, Elite manual and electric projection screens are not designed for use as a window curtain and should never be exposed to direct sunlight.  Prolonged exposure to solar radiation will destroy synthetic materials and such damage is not covered by our standard warranty.

A: Both products have been designed to accommodate the various needs of DIY commercial and residential applications. The Spectrum Tab-Tension covers the basics on what is needed for a professional grade theater/office/classroom electric projection screen.  The Spectrum Tab-Tension has tensioned matte white material in addition to an infrared remote & 12V trigger control package. The VMAX2 is a slightly enhanced package that features a more durable fiberglass-backed matte white screen material along with an additional radio-frequency (RF) remote that has a superior control range. Both are designed for professional-grade applications; one simply offers more features while the other covers the basic essentials at a more competitive price point.

A: Since the Spectrum’s Infrared (IR) Sensor is hidden within the ceiling, there are a few options in which to control a ceiling installed Spectrum Screen:

  1. IR Eye Extender (ZSP-EYE&12V):  With the need of line of sight, the IR signal will not be sensed by the IR receiver built within the housing of the Spectrum.  By using an IR eye extender that attaches via the Spectrums all purpose RJ45 port, the extended sensor provides a solution to this problem.
  2. Radio Frequency (RF) Remote (ZSP-RF-B, ZSP-RF-W): The Spectrum, unfortunately, does not come with an RF remote.  It does, however, have an RF receiver built into the housing.  Without the need of direct line of sight, an RF remote would be a good control option.
  3. In-Wall Switch (ZIW-B, ZIW-W, ZIW-W1):  The spectrum comes with an all purpose RJ45 port.  By routing a cable within the wall, the In-Wall Switch provides a close proximity control option.  In addition, you can create your own in-wall switch by purchasing only our ZIW-Module.
  4. Wireless 12V Trigger (ZSP-TR01):  Use your projector as a screen control option by hooking up this simple device to your projector’s output trigger port.  If your screen doesn’t have an output trigger port, the Universal Wireless 12V Projector Trigger (ZU12V) works just as well for all projectors.

A: Elite Screens offers a wireless Universal 5-12 volt projector accessory (Part# ZU12V) for projectors that do not have a trigger output. Contact your preferred Elite Screens reseller or visit shop.elitescreens.com for information about purchasing this product.

A: You can extend the length of your cable using the ZSP-12V-50B. This 50 feet RJ-45 cable includes an extender plug coupler to allow you to join connections to your existing accessory.

A: Elite strongly recommends using either a standard surge protector or a power conditioner on all electric projection screens.

A: The screen material can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

A: The viewing angle of the MaxWhite® material is 180°.

A:  Yes, the Spectrum has a RJ-45 5-12 volt trigger input.

A:  Check your projector’s manual to see if your projector has a 5-12 volt trigger output.  If it does then your projector has the ability to synchronize with your Spectrum.

A:  Yes, the Spectrum includes an RJ-45 5-12 volt trigger cable.

A: No, Elite Screens understand the need to hardwire your electric screen and therefore will not void your warranty.

A: Elite provides binary codes for the IR remote, see below.

Up: 1111 0000 0001
Stop: 1111 0000 0010
Down: 1111 0000 0100

A: Yes, Elite’s electric screen products are compatible with Harmony remotes and in their database.

Please visit the Harmony website for further assistance with programming your remote with our electric screens.


A: No, your screen’s Top Black  border has been set to deploy to its full extent. Attempting to increase will damage the motor and void your warranty with  Elite Screens.

A:  Here is a complete listing of all of the model numbers in the Spectrum series:

Electric100HT, Electric125HT

A: Each Elite Screens’ model number starts with the product series name. Follow by case color (if applicable, certain models only available in one color), screen material, screen aspect ratio and product series version. Lastly, extra black drop and its length (if applicable). Here is an example.


  • Electric: Spectrum Series
  • 125: 125” Diag.
  • H: 16:9 Format
  • T: Tensioned

A:  Please Click here for the motor information of your Elite electric screen.

A: Both the Saker Tab-Tension and Spectrum Tab-Tension screens series will provide an excellent viewing surface and superior flatness levels. However, the Saker Tab-Tension series’ design and accessories enhancements make it an overall better screen. The first benefit is that the Saker Tab-Tension has sleeker design and finish. Its aluminum casing makes it more durable and resistant to moisture when compared to the steel casing found on the Spectrum Tab-Tension. Additionally the Saker Tab-Tension’s housing allows for the use of sliding wall/ceiling brackets making it easier to line up the brackets with the studs of a wall. On the other hand, the Spectrum Tab-Tension is only able to be mounted using the keyholes located on the endcaps. In regards to control options, the Spectrum Tab-Tension includes an IR remote that requires a direct line of sight with the sensor embedded in the screens end cap. The Saker Tab-Tension comes standard with both an IR and RF (radio frequency) remote control. The RF remote does not require a direct line of sight and has a longer range (100 feet) than the IR remote (30 feet). Lastly, the Saker Tab-Tension utilizes Elite’s MaxWhite® Fiberglass (FG) which is an improved version of the MaxWhite® screen material that is found in the Spectrum Tab-Tension. This is beneficial as the embedded fiber glass improves rigidity which results in a more stiff material. Thus, the MaxWhite® FG provides the flattest possible surface a non-tensioned screen can offer. Additionally, the fiber glass backing eliminates any side curling non-tensioned materials are susceptible to, especially under cold temperatures. Finally, the MaxWhite® FG is also flame retardant and complies with NFPA 701 Standards.

A: The power cable length for all Spectrum Tab-Tension Series models is approximately 70.8″ (1.8M). Note: This measurement is accurate for USA only, other countries may be equipped with different lengths for each model.

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