VMAX Dual® Series

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A: Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking here.

A: The AcousticPro UHD performs at its best in a light controlled environment, not in a room that will have ambient light. The material is a fabric with a special weave pattern for projection use. It is suggested to go with our standard CineWhite® material if a matte white screen is needed. Or better yet, our very best CineGrey 3D® or CineGrey 5D® material will perform better with a higher gain and Angular-Reflective front projection with ambient light rejecting technology.

A: For the instructional guide on synchronizing the ZU12V, please click here.
To watch the instructional video, please click here.

A:  Please see the table below for your Elite electric screen’s information.

A: Elite Screens offers a wireless Universal 5-12 volt projector accessory (Part# ZU12V) for projectors that do not have a trigger output. Contact your preferred Elite Screens reseller or visit shop.elitescreens.com for information about purchasing this product.

A: You can extend the length of your cable using the ZSP-12V-50B. This 50 feet RJ-45 cable includes an extender plug coupler to allow you to join connections to your existing accessory.

A: Elite strongly recommends using either a standard surge protector or a power conditioner on all electric projection screens.

A: The power cable length for all VMAX Dual® Series models is approximately 70.8″ (1.8M). Note: This measurement is accurate for USA only, other countries may be equipped with different lengths for each model.

A: The 16:9 aspect ratio screen is programmed to drop/rise when using the wireless 5-12 volt projector trigger.

A: Unfortunately, the wireless 5-12 volt projector trigger for the VMAX Dual® cannot be reprogrammed and only controls the rise/drop of the 16:9 aspect ratio screen.

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