Which Manual Projector Screen Is Good For Me?

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Elite Makes Many Types of Manual Projector Screens but which is the right one for your installation?
This comparison sheet (Click here for comparison.) breaks down the differences between the various lines and how you can be sure to get the right features for your installation.

Manual B Series

Manual B Series is the basic, entry level projector screen ideal for e-tail sales . It is ideal for providing a quality film screen to customers who are looking for an industry-grade solution in a basic functional format. (Click here for product information.)

Manual Series

Manual Series it the most commonly sold projector screen from Elite. It offers a basic industry-grade quality product like the Manual B but distinguishes itself by using a more enhanced performance screen material that is also GREENGUARD® (UL2808) certified for safe indoor emissions. The locking mechanism also offers more frequent stop points on its spring-driven retract mechanism. This model is also available in more size options. (Click here for product information.)

Manual SRM Series

Manual SRM Series utilizes all the qualities of the manual series but also includes a new “Slow-Retract-Mechanism” that allows the screen to return back up into the casing unassisted. Regular spring-loaded mechanisms require a hands-on assistance to ensure the screen is not damaged by a sudden retraction. The SRM feature presents this. (Click here for product information.)

Manual SRM Pro Series

Manual SRM Pro is an upgraded non-electric SRM that features an enhanced screen material that is not only GREENGUARD® (UL2808) certified but is also NFPA 701 fire resistant and fiberglass backed for added flatness. All this comes in a stylish white-enameled aluminum casing. (Click here for product information.)

Manual Grande Series

Manual Grande is the Large Venue 180-200” non-electric projector screen. The material is a GREENGUARD® (UL2808) certified matte-white that features a bead-clutch retractable mechanism with virtually limitless stop points within the positions of full extension to full retraction. (Click here for product information.)

Yard Master Manual Series

Yard Master Manual is IP56 Certified against moisture for use as an outdoor projector screen. The material is a GREENGUARD® (UL2808) certified matte-white that also retracts unassisted by means of an SRM feature.*Limited to 100-120” models (Click here for product information.)

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