Saker Series Reviewed by FactoryTwoFour Magazine

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FactoryTwoFour Magazine Reviews the Saker Series

  • Date:  April 30, 2017
  • Location:  Philadelphia, PA
  • Product: Saker SK84XHW-E24
  • Projector: BenQ HT2050 DLP Projector
  • Magazine Review: Kevin Corelli, FactoryTwoFour


Most homes have their largest room completely focused on an entertainment system. The furniture, the arrangement, and the design all place a television at the focal point. Modern homes are built with an emphasis on light and open space, so how will televisions fit into the home of the future? They won’t.  With more of the population living in urban rented apartments, not too many of us have room for unsightly black fragile rectangles. My apartment in downtown Philadelphia doesn’t have space for a monster stationary entertainment system, which is fine by me since projectors are the way of the future.

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About FactoryTwoFour and the Author:

FactoryTwoFour is a modern gentleman’s magazine that doesn’t believe you need a $1,200 blazer or vintage Italian espresso machine in your ultra-modern loft to be a good person. What they do believe is that the modern man is a different kind of man than he was in the past. Objects and acquisitions don’t define him, but taste and effort do. The FactoryTwoFour team is here to bring its readers those experiences in taste and effort that enrich life without breaking the bank.

Kevin Corelli is the Technology Writer for the  F24 family.  His expertise with gadgets, games, and gizmos has made him well versed in the world of consumer electronics.  With an appreciation for high tech and the simple world, he believes in the benefits of an integrated life, but still looks forward to camping trips out of cell range.



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