Brainstorming Customer asking about options that have Acoustic Transparency or would work with an Ultra Short Throw Projector

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Sometimes a customer reaches out during their brainstorming session with the hope that our service team may offer some clarity. Team member Maritza offered great advice to a customer who was on the fence as to whether an acoustically transparent or tensioned screen would be best.  The discussion here details the difference between having an acoustically transparent material and having a screen or other options that will potentially work with a UST projector.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer”.



  • Customer – Hi
  • Maritza – Thank you for contacting the service department. Hello, I’m Maritza, how may I help you?
  • Customer – Do you have the Spectrum (AcousticPro UHD) Series in 110 or just 100 and 125
  • Maritza – we have this model available in both 100 and 125” sizes.
  • Customer – Okay is there a 110 version for the CineTension2 Series
  • Maritza – There is a variant of the CineTension2 on our sales site with acoustically transparent material and the price is great.
  • Maritza – this is available in 110 as you have requested
  • Maritza – List Price: $1,008.00, Price: $706.00, You Save: $302.00 (30 %), Free Shipping Included
  •  Maritza –
  • Maritza – I have included the link
  • Maritza – Is there anything else I can assist you with today
  • Customer – is it compatible with Ultra/Short-throw Projectors? i see on your website that your MaxWhite screen is not
  • Maritza – Works with Standard, 1080P/4K projectors.
  • Maritza – for the acoustic material
  • Maritza – Correct the Maxwhite is not compatible with Ultra short throw.  However, we do offer tab-tensioned white and acoustically transparent materials that can work with a UST projector. This is precisely what the Cinetension2 is great for. Standard hanging screens work fine with standard throw projectors but are not flat enough for UST projection.  In order for any type of projector screen to work with a UST projector, the surface must be perfectly flat or the image will distort.  Any of our  fixed-frame or any “tab-tensioned” retractable screens would be the best choice for this type of projector.
  • Customer – ok thx
  • Maritza – My pleasure.  If there is anything else I may assist you with, please let me know.
  • Maritza – Thank you for chatting with Elite Screens have a great day


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