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A customer reached out to our Dedicated Residential Custom Installer line (EPV Screens).  He wanted to hire a professional installer and buy an electric in-ceiling projector screen but was uncertain of the process for doing so.  Our team of sales professionals can connect you with an installer in your area.  In one call, this customer was able to decide on the right product and speak with sales professional who took it from there.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer”.



  • 8:25:45 AM         Customer – hello, I am looking for ceiling mounted projector screens
  • 4:00:00 PM               Maritza – Thank you for contacting EPV Screens Sales department, I can gladly help you on that.
  • 4:00:00 PM               Maritza – Are you looking for a DIY product or professional installer work?
  • 8:26:11 AM         Customer – I was told this is the site for professional installer screens and that’s what I need.  I just wanted to go over options with you.
  • 8:28:05 AM               Maritza – Certainly. EPV (Elite Prime Vision) is our division for professional home installation.   I’ll share some options here for electric retractable screens.  If you’d like to know more about other design options, please let me know.
  • 8:28:13 AM               Maritza – Here are the ambient light rejecting electric screens: http://epvscreens.com/products/electric-screens/polarmax-tension.html
  • 8:30:12 AM               Maritza – Acoustically Transparent projection screens: http://epvscreens.com/products/electric-screens/powermax-sonic.html
  • 8:30:28 AM               Maritza – We have 4-types of matte white: (tension)  http://epvscreens.com/products/electric-screens/powermax-tension.html  and http://epvscreens.com/products/electric-screens/peregrine-tension.html  (standard matte white) http://epvscreens.com/products/electric-screens/powermax-pro2.html and http://epvscreens.com/products/electric-screens/epvmax.html
  • 8:32:11 AM               Maritza – We also have in-ceiling screens: http://epvscreens.com/products/electric-screens/aerie-tension.html
  • 8:32:18 AM         Customer – Wow! Onay, looking now.
  • 8:32:49 AM         Customer – I want in-ceiling. Aerie Tension looks good. How do I find an installer?
  • 8:33:02 AM               Maritza – Excellent, I can connect you with an EPV sales manager and they can connect you with a local installer.
  • 8:33:09 AM               Maritza – I have your name M—-, may I have your contact information?
  • 8:33:22 AM         Customer – yes, xxx-xxx-xxxx, xxxx@xxxx.com
  • 8:33:31 AM         Customer – I have already measured the space and I think a 100” will do just fine.
  • 8:33:53 AM         Customer – Can he call me today?
  • 8:35:36 AM               Maritza – Yes, I am already chatting with one of the sales managers and I just forwarded your information.
  • 8:35:54 AM               Maritza – The sales manager would like to speak with you now if you have the time.
  • 8:40:13 AM         Customer – Perfect, I’m ready for the call.
  • 8:40:59 AM               Maritza – Okay, told the sales manager you want a 16:9 100”. Is that correct?
  • 8:41:19 AM         Customer – Perfect.
  • 8:41:23 AM               Maritza – Great, is there anything further I can assist you with.
  • 8:41:25 AM         Customer – No, I’ll talk with your sales guy and take it from there.
  • 8:41:45 AM               Maritza – Fantastic. Well, thank you for calling.  Have a wonderful day.
  • 8:42:04 AM         Customer – you too.
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