Stars of Service: Looking for an Acoustically Transparent Projection Screen?

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Elite Screens takes pride in its service team and we should.  They shoulder the heavy load of answering a high volume of product questions, comments and compliments, but on occasion, they must resolve customer complaints as well.  Below is a chat transcript between our Service Team Leader, Jaime Luna and a customer who is interested in buying an acoustically transparent projector screen.

However, he has a complaint as well.  While researching information on  Elite’s Aeon projector screen  he was overwhelmed by the options and found two separate articles referencing two slightly different variants of the screen and it confused him into believing it was one in the same but with conflicting feature listings.  Jaime clarified the matter and the customer, once satisfied with the answer, ended the chat to contact our sales department.




*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer”.



4:00:00 PM           Jaime.l – Thank you for contacting Elite Screens Technical Support.

4:00:00 PM           Jaime.l – Hello, this is Jaime Luna @ service department, how can I help you

10:22:45 AM       Customer – Hello Jaime

10:23:13 AM       Customer – I’m looking for an acoustically transparent screen

10:23:20 AM       Customer – I’ve been browsing online for quite some time

10:23:37 AM       Customer – I’ve found a few companies

10:23:41 AM         Jaime.l – did you want a fixed frame or motorized screen?

10:24:06 AM       Customer – however yours is in the top 3. No I’m looking for a fixed frame. I’ve been to your site and I’m overwhelmed with options

10:24:38 AM       Customer – I’m looking for a 100″ diagonal viewable screen

10:24:58 AM          Jaime.l – ok, let’s simplify this for you

10:24:58 AM       Customer – I will be purchasing a 1080P HD projector.

10:25:13 AM       Customer – thank you

10:25:40 AM         Jaime.l – for today’s projectors, we have created the A1080P3 material

10:26:41 AM       Customer – Yes I saw that but would like to know what’s really the difference between that and the UHD material. In many areas it states that the UHD can also be used with 1080P projectors

10:27:05 AM         Jaime.l – the P3 and UHD materials are virtually identical except the 1080P3 is cut for the Sable frame and curved frame (Lunette) screens while the UHD material is specially cut for the Aeon Edge Free screens.

10:27:30 AM         Jaime.l – Here is more information about the Aeon screens in general:  You can visit to where to buy section and select whichever  reseller you’d prefer to buy from here ,

10:27:46 AM         Jaime.l – this screen will perform the best with any 1080P or 4K projector

10:27:52 AM         Jaime.l – So this should accommodate your search for a good “AT” screen

10:28:36 AM       Customer – ok but just so you know when you click that link it doesn’t give you the option for the P3 material, it lists the UHD Pro as the material

10:28:50 AM       Customer – through the drop down menus

10:29:03 AM         Jaime.l -That is correct. The UHD material is the same as the P3 version but specially cut for the edge free screen design so you will not find a listing of the P3 material with the Aeon frame.

10:30:37 AM       Customer – ok…the other question I have is there seems to be two types of edge free options. As you scroll through the gallery of photos there is a standard thin edge and then what’s called as a “spring type” edge which is much thinner

10:30:49 AM       Customer – but I don’t see that as a purchasable option anywhere

10:31:27 AM         Jaime.l – The older, non-UHD models have a cut velvet bezel.  There has just been a change in engineering and we will now be providing a new anodized aluminum edge bezel instead.  There are some models out there with velvet edge bezels but we have stopped production of those in favor of the aluminum edge bezel.   If you have a preference here, be sure to let your sales contact know what the preference is so that they give you the right product. However, the UHD models will come only with the aluminum bezel.

10:32:53 AM       Customer – that may be the latest version but what is the difference in bezel types. Perhaps I’d like to choose between the two and would like to know the difference in construction and assembly

10:33:34 AM         Jaime.l – the older version uses the black velvet border while the newer version uses the anodized aluminum edge bezel

10:33:43 AM         Jaime.l – Be certain to verify the ability of the preferred bezel type with your point of contact.

10:34:08 AM       Customer – then why is it advertised as such

10:35:18 AM         Jaime.l – Both types are still in stock.  This is a transitional period for this product.

10:35:28 AM         Jaime.l – right now, some sizes with the new bezels may be sold out

10:35:42 AM       Customer – and when do you think that will be

10:36:15 AM       Customer – so if I was to place an order right now which bezel would it be coming with exactly? That’s what I’d like to know…what width of the bezel would that be?

10:36:17 AM         Jaime.l – we have been advised of a restock in mid-may

10:36:33 AM         Jaime.l – right now, the size you are interested with the UHD material will come only with the black aluminum bezel.

10:36:41 AM       Customer – how wide is the velvet bezel

10:36:58 AM       Customer – what is the dimension of the velvet bezel…1″, 2″

10:37:05 AM         Jaime.l – about one half inch in thickness

10:37:06 AM       Customer – thank you. I’ll reach out to your reseller for a quote.

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