What Screens Do Short Throw Projectors Work With?

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It’s important to realize that short throw projectors need a perfectly flat projection surface in order to work. The slightest wave in the material will distort the image. This is why “tensioned” or “tab tensioned” materials are the right choice for the job. The other (non-tensioned) materials work just fine with standard-throw projectors. Even with a slightly uneven surface, it’s virtually impossible for viewers to see the difference. That said, it’s important to take the time and make sure that if you can’t provide exactly what the customer is looking for, there are always options and in many cases, these options may prove to be the better solution.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer”.



  • 12:07:16 PM       Customer – hello elite screens
  • 4:00:00 PM                 Johnny – Thank you for contacting Sales department, how may I help you?
  • 12:07:57 PM       Customer – hello, do you know if the manual b series will work for Short Throw projectors
  • 12:08:58 PM               Johnny – The Manual B works great with standard throw projectors but just like any non-tensioned projector screen, I don’t recommend using it with a short throw projector.  Non tensioned screens are not completely flat.  While it has little if any perceivable effect with a standard projector’s image, it distorts a short throw imagery.  Would you consider a fixed frame or tab-tension PVC Vinyl screen?  They have the required flatness.
  • 12:09:35 PM       Customer – bummer, is it a certain screen type? Like MaxWhite for instance?
  • 12:10:04 PM               Johnny – I would not recommend the MaxWhite for short throw projectors; only PVC vinyl screens like the Cinetension B: http://elitescreens.com/front/front/productdetail/product/361
  • 12:10:14 PM               Johnny – We also have other options that are available through dedicated custom installers if you would be interested in hearing about them.
  • 12:10:29 PM               Johnny – Also, link to fixed frame screens: http://elitescreens.com/products/fixed-projection-screens
  • 12:11:23 PM       Customer – so if I were to get a standard projector instead, does this work with all screens? Like the spectrum Tab Tension? Pretty much any model?
  • 12:11:43 PM               Johnny – yes that’s correct. We presently have only one material made exclusively for ultra-short throw projectors – Starbright CLR.  Everything else is fair game.
  • 12:11:53 PM       Customer – ok thanks
  • 12:12:15 PM               Johnny – My Pleasure.  If there is anything further that you need from me, please let me know.
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