What’s the Difference Between the Spectrum and Spectrum2?

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Our customers like options and we’re willing to provide them.  A customer contacted us with a whole lot questions but there is a difference between up-selling a customer and making sure the customer is perfectly satisfied with getting exactly what he/she needs.


*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer”.



  • 4:00:00 PM                 Johnny – Thank you for contacting Sales department, how may I help you?
  • 2:52:30 PM          Customer – I am in the market for a 120″ diagonal motorized screen. I was looking at the Spectrum or Spectrum 2 model. It looks like the Spectrum 2 does not come with a RF remote, even though it costs more. Am I right?
  • 2:53:38 PM                Johnny – Correct, the remote kit is optional. You can see what comes in the remote kit from this link here:  http://shop.elitescreens.com/powermaxkit.aspx
  • 2:54:48 PM          Customer – $140 for the remote…thats about 40% additional cost. If I am spending that much more am I better off going with a different screen?
  • 2:55:00 PM                 Johnny – the Spectrum Series comes with an IR remote, 3-way wall switch and 12v trigger cable already included.
  • 2:55:20 PM                 Johnny – That additional $140 for the entire remote kit, not just the RF remote; it’s a lot of stuff if you are looking to have the full package.
  • 2:55:54 PM          Customer – Is the spectrum 2 screen much better than the spectrum?
  • 2:56:42 PM                 Johnny – the spectrum 2 also comes with the floating mount brackets allowing easy alignment for  wall or ceiling installations.
  • 2:57:18 PM                 Johnny – and also has a metal casing that is better than the standard spectrum
  • 2:57:49 PM                 Johnny – It also comes  with the MaxWhite FG material that is better as well
  • 2:57:50 PM          Customer – Is the material the same? Can you get the Spectrum in 16×9 format?
  • 2:58:08 PM                 Johnny – to prevent any type of curls from forming on the screen, the Spectrum2 has a fiberglass (FG) backing for added flatness.
  • 2:58:26 PM                 Johnny – yes both come in 16:9 format, but the Spectrum2 has that FG material that is better.
  • 2:59:38 PM          Customer – So, the spectrum 2 comes with that FG type of material? Where will the improvement be in the different material
  • 3:00:47 PM                 Johnny – The FG material gives superior flatness to the material.  It is much more preferable than the standard MaxWhite material.
  • 3:00:54 PM                 Johnny – here are the product specs on the website http://elitescreens.com/images/download/material/MaterialSheets/MaxWhite_FG_MaterialSheet.pdf
  • 3:02:19 PM          Customer – once the remote is purchased for the spectrum 2, it would be about twice the price, Correct?
  • 3:03:12 PM                 Johnny – The 120″ is $375 when bought direct.
  • 3:04:42 PM                 Johnny – The Spectrum2 is an enhanced product all around. It even has an integrated switch to operate the screen on its own but we offer all the control options so that you can have it all.
  • 3:05:58 PM          Customer – I can’t seem to get a price buying direct on the spectrum 120″ in 16×9 format
  • 3:06:24 PM                 Johnny – I have the link for buying a Spectrum here…
  • 3:06:29 PM                 Johnny – http://shop.elitescreens.com/spectrumseries.aspx
  • 3:06:39 PM                 Johnny – …and this link for the Spectrum 2
  • 3:06:44 PM                 Johnny – http://shop.elitescreens.com/spectrum2.aspx
  • 3:07:53 PM          Customer – The link you provided for the spectrum series only allows a 4:3 format at 120″
  • 3:08:17 PM                 Johnny – for 16:9 we have 125″ Spectrum models available.
  • 3:08:39 PM                 Johnny – The two options I recommend are  100” and a 125″ sizes.
  • 3:09:29 PM          Reseller – The enhanced Spectrum 2 sounds nice but all I need is a plain, functional, reliable screen.
  • 3:10:14 PM                 Johnny – keep in mind that in addition to the enhanced control package, the spectrum series does not use the floating brackets or the fiber glass backed material.  The casing on the Spectrum2 is also of a more enhanced design.
  • 3:10:29 PM                 Johnny – The Spectrum is a good reliable product.  It just does not have as many features as the later Spectrum 2 has.
  • 3:11:02 PM          Reseller – ok. thanks. $375 is not a bad price but it’s more than I want to spend.
  • 3:12:23 PM                 Johnny – I understand.  We try to make sure you have a lot of choices. Although the Spectrum does not have the extra features, it will still serve you well.
  • 3:15:40 PM                 Johnny – is there anything else I can assist you with today
  • 3:16:38 PM          Reseller – should be it. thanks
  • 3:16:52 PM                 Johnny – I’m glad to help.  Thank you for choosing Elite Screens; have a great day..
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