How can I make sure my In-Ceiling Electric Screen Will Fit?

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Our customers rely on the service professionals for fast accurate answers.  In this case, a customer needed reliable answers to assist her with her installation. Even when it comes to the complicated process of installing an in-ceiling screen, useful tips, videos, and hands-on instructions are just a few clicks away.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • 11:08:21 AM       SUSAN – Hello, I am considering Elite Screens Evanesce Tab-Tension, 120-inch 16:9, Tensioned In-Ceiling Projection Screen
  • 11:08:26 AM                Rick – Thank you for contacting Elite Screens Technical Support.
  • 11:08:32 AM                Rick –  I’m Rick, how may I assist you regarding the Evanesce Tab-Tension Screen?
  • 11:08:37 AM       SUSAN – Hi, I am considering Elite Screens Evanesce Tab-Tension, 120-inch 16:9, Tensioned In-Ceiling Projection Screen but i’m concerned about the install.
  • 11:08:56 AM       SUSAN – We are trying to get it setup in an existing room.
  • 11:09:20 AM              Rick – Sounds like a fun project. What are your concerns?
  • 11:09:46 AM       SUSAN – There is a horizontal beam going across the room.
  • 11:09:54 AM       SUSAN – what is the dimension of the casing
  • 11:11:19 AM              Rick – I’ll be glad to assist but I want to make sure that you are installing your in-ceiling screen parallel with the ceiling joists, and not across them.  If there is a beam bisecting the room, I recommend making sure that the screen is installed parallel to it either in front or behind depending on the room dimensions. Just a moment and I’ll get the product dimensions.
  • 11:12:14 AM       SUSAN – Sorry, yes it will be parallel to the beam.  I just wanted to make sure it would fit between the joists.
  • 11:13:21 AM              Rick – The screen’s case length is 117 inches long and including the bottom flange into the measurement makes it 119.4 inches.
  • 11:15:14 AM       SUSAN – what’s the height
  • 11:15:18 AM       SUSAN – and width
  • 11:16:44 AM              Rick – the height from the bottom of the unit fully opened will be 71 inches.
  • 11:17:08 AM              Rick – Here’s is a link of the dimension table so you can also see where I am getting my information.
  • 11:17:09 AM              Rick –
  • 11:20:01 AM       SUSAN – Thanks, Just to confirm C2 is the width of the casing, right?
  • 11:21:07 AM              Rick – Correct.  C1 is the width of the housing and C2 is the distance for the expansion bolts.
  • 11:22:06 AM              Rick – and C is the bottom flange/lip of the housing
  • 11:22:44 AM       SUSAN – Got it, what would be the height within the ceiling.
  • 11:27:01 AM              Rick – 95mm or 3.74 inches the one I provided was a below ceiling install and here is the link for an above ceiling install.
  • 11:27:03 AM              Rick –
  • 11:27:59 AM              Rick – I also have some useful videos for you to look at.  They should provide some helpful  information for you installation.
  • 11:28:15 AM              Rick – Here is how you can install from the attic space.
  • 11:29:46 AM              Rick – Here is how you can install from the room below.
  • 11:31:59 AM       SUSAN – Thanks Rick.  Actually these are very helpful.  I took a quick look at both and will be watching them again while I put the screen up.  Thanks for all the help.
  • 11:32:15 AM              Rick – It’s my pleasure Susan. I was glad to be of help and thank you for choosing Elite Screens.
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