ezCinema Series at Holiday Inn- Buena Park, CA

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Case Study : Holiday Inn – Buena Park, CA (ezCinema F135NWH)


  • Date:  June 26, 2017
  • Location:  Holiday Inn. (Buena Park, CA)
  • Event: Outreach Ambassador’s Academy
  • Product: ezCinema F135NWH
  • Installer: Dave McNeil, Trainer (End User)
  • Projector(s) Used: Multiple projectors, numerous events
  • Video Link: (Click Here)


Elite has made it a priority to offer plus-sized portable projector screens to accommodate a variety of large venues and so often, that means conference rooms and training events. Getting the message out loud and clear requires visual aids crafted to be easily perceived by an audience. Equally as important, they should be easily manageable. In this case, Elite’s ezCinema large venue projector screens provide a solution that is both slightly and functional to accommodate the presentation.


ezCinema Series at Holiday Inn- Buena Park, CA


In this case, the product selected is an ezCinema F135NWH.  The ezCinema Series is a small to large venue ultra-portable projector screen design that sets up and takes down quickly.  The projection surface is supported using its detachable telescoping upright that can be adjusted for various height settings.  It’s minimalist design involves a manually operated format that is ideal for temporary residential or commercial presentations that set up and pack away in seconds. The screen uses Elite’s MaxWhite® material which provides the widest possible viewer angles with perfect diffusion uniformity while giving precise definition, image color reproduction and black & white contrast. It is also GREENGUARD® (UL2818) certified for safe indoor air quality emissions.

Dave McNeil is one of the trainers for Living Waters Publications and the event organizer for the presentation given at the Buena Park Holiday Inn. He gave his testimony on the product which answered every requirement they had when deciding upon which projector screen to use.  “When we started looking for a screen, we came across the Elite Screens website.  What we really liked about this screen was the looks. It’s head and shoulders above a normal tripod screen.”

In addition to aesthetics, functionality was the deal maker and in regards to this, McNeil had the following to say: “We’re using a screen in a classroom setting in a conference room so portability is important for us; quick set up was important for us, and the (F135NWH) worked out great for that.”


ezCinema Series at Holiday Inn- Buena Park, CA

Getting a large theater-grade projection surface to go in and out of large venues quickly is a tall order but the design of the ezCinema is for just that. It’s a product that delivers a high quality image in a way that the viewers will enjoy and the presenters don’t have to give a second thought about operation. In regards to this McNeil said this: “The things we liked most about this screen is the ease of setup. Everyone complements the looks of the screen and the size is perfect for what we do.”  To summarize the results of relying on the F135NWH, McNeil appraised the screen as a great product for trainers and presenters who are in need of similar results. “I definitely recommend this screen.  It looks great and is easy to set up.  It worked out great for us and we couldn’t be happier with it”


ezCinema Series at Holiday Inn- Buena Park, CA


When giving presentation’s it’s crucial to have the right imagery to match the speaker’s professionalism. Despite his or her best efforts, an unreliable product will undermine the legitimate message being delivered. The  F135NWH delivers high quality in a reliable product with a durable design for many years of use.

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