Choosing an Electric Projector Screen

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When choosing an electric screen, the spontaneous decision will not be the good one. We encourage customers to speak with our sales associates whenever they have a doubt or simply want someone to walk them through the selection process.

Elite even has a site dedicated to helping customers select the best screen option based on your specific needs

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number  to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • 4:00:00 PM                Johnny – Thank you for contacting Sales department.  This is Johnny, how may I help you?
  • 9:40:10 AM         Carl – Hi there. I have been an Elite Screens Customer for about 5 years now. I’ve had a manual pull down screen and now I’d like to switch over to motorized and I’m trying to find the best model to suit my needs. Can you help me with that?
  • 9:40:33 AM                Johnny – I’d be glad to Carl.  Thank you for reaching out.
  • 9:40:42 AM                Johnny – What diagonal size are you interested in and do you know what aspect ratio would suit you best?
  • 9:40:55 AM         Carl – 110″ and 16:9
  • 9:40:56 AM                Johnny – Will there be ambient light in the room that the screen is going in?
  • 9:41:14 AM         Carl – No, there will be controlled light in the room.
  • 9:41:55 AM                Johnny – Perfect, and what is your budget that you’d be comfortable to spend.
  • 9:43:20 AM         Carl – I’m fairly open on budget, but here are some of the things I need. White casing, 16:9, RF Remote to control motor (a hardwired solution won’t work for this setup) so I need a regular plug.
  • 9:44:10 AM                Johnny – Thank you for all the information.  Just one moment and I’ll pull up the screen that suits your requirements.  In case you are interested, here is the link I’m using to find your screen
  • 9:45:38 AM                Johnny – I would recommend model SKT110XHW-E24 from our Saker Tab-Tension Series
  • 9:45:48 AM                Johnny – Here is the website for the Saker Tab-Tension:
  • 9:45:53 AM                Johnny –
  • 9:47:01 AM         Carl – Ok. I’m using the site to see if there are other options I may like better.
  • 9:48:27 AM         Carl – Does this model take care of my needs?
  • 9:48:27 AM         Carl –
  • 9:49:26 AM                Johnny – This series would work, but we don’t offer a 110″ in a white casing
  • 9:49:52 AM                Johnny – We have  the 106″ in a white casing. Would this work better?
  • 9:49:56 AM                Johnny – The model I’m talking about is the VMAX106XWH2-E24
  • 9:51:22 AM         Carl – Ok. Cool. How do the remotes work?
  • 9:51:40 AM         Carl – Where does the Cat5 run?
  • 9:52:12 AM                Johnny – the screen comes with both IR (infrared) and RF (radio frequency) remotes
  • 9:52:33 AM                Johnny – and all you have to do is plug in the screens power cord to any wall outlet. No assembly required.
  • 9:53:28 AM         Carl – Nice. What is the cat5 for?
  • 9:54:33 AM                Johnny – that is the cable connected to the 3-way wall switch that also comes with the screen. You get a full control package with it.
  • 9:54:59 AM         Carl – Got it.
  • 9:56:21 AM         Carl – Ok, I will also be ceiling mounting this screen. Are there any special parts I need to do that?
  • 9:56:42 AM                Johnny – This VMAX106XWH2-E24 screen does not come with any mounting brackets, but you can still wall or ceiling mount the screen just by using the screens end caps. We also sell accessory brackets if you should need them.
  • 9:56:48 AM                Johnny – To ceiling mount the screen all you need is to run a j-hook to your ceiling, then you would hook that j-hook to the top portion of the screens end caps.
  • 9:56:52 AM                Johnny – To wall mount the screen all you would need is to run a load-bearing screw into your wall, then you hang the screens end cap onto that screw.
  • 9:57:58 AM         Carl – For the last screen from you guys I bought some L-Brackets to mount it to the wall. Will those work for the ceiling as well?
  • 9:58:32 AM                Johnny – those brackets are really only meant to wall mount the screen, so that the screen is further away from the wall.
  • 10:00:12 AM       Carl – got it.  I think I have all I need to proceed with the order.
  • 10:01:24 AM              Johnny – I’m happy to hear that.  Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
  • 10:04:39 AM       Carl – Nope.  I’ll take it from here.
  • 10:04:39 AM              Johnny – Okay great.  I appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Elite Screens.
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