What is the Right Screen Size for My Room

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Choosing the right screen for your room involves a few elements such as what screen material would work best; or what aspect ratio; or what style, frame or roll-up?  In this case the customer wanted to know about what screen size is best for his room. He is already sold on the matte white material and a 16:9 fixed frame screen, but with an 11 x 28 room, what size screen would be best?

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*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • 8:53:20 AM         Customer – I would like a recommendation for the screen size I should buy.
  • 4:00:00 PM                Rick – Certainly, I would be glad to help you with this.  There are a lot of variables such as screen size, aspect ratio, format, and even material type.  Let’s go through each one starting with the room size.
  • 8:54:05 AM         Customer – I have a room that is 11′ x 28′.
  • 8:54:27 AM         Customer – The projector needs to be at around 14′ to 14.5′ from the wall where the screen should be
  • 8:54:51 AM         Customer – I’m guessing that a 120” is about right.
  • 8:58:06 AM                Rick –  According to SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) guidelines, there are standards that help you get the best size for your room.  If you were to position your seating at the very back of the room, the +22 feet of viewing distance would allow you to have up to 150 or even 200” screen.  That said, your room is 11 feet wide meaning that a 120” (16:9 / HDTV) screen that would fit on the wall (about 9’ across for a fixed frame and about 10’ across for an electric roll up screen.  I recommend a 100-120” size since it will fit your room and you will likely be sitting a little closer (within about 10-15 feet from the projector surface). There is a chart in an educational video link I’d like to send you.
  • 9:02:41 AM                Rick – Here is that video that we produced to better explain how to best select a screen size, http://elitescreens.com/elitetube/screen_size_edu.mp4
  • 9:04:27 AM                Rick – In case, you have questions about “aspect ratio”, it is the actual screen shape.  16:9 / HDTV is the most likely TV format but here is a more in depth explanation in a quick video: http://elitescreens.com/elitetube/aspect_ratio_edu.mp4
  • 9:04:53 AM         Customer – Good stuff.  I’m looking at the first video now and will play the second as we chat.
  • 9:05:45 AM                Rick – Visualizing your room layout, I’m leaning more favorably toward a 110 to 120 inch screen size at a 16:9 / HDTV aspect ratio.
  • 9:06:14 AM         Customer – I am thinking about a 110″ – 16:9 – fixed frame.
  • 9:06:30 AM         Customer – Measuring the wall, would this be too big?
  • 9:07:57 AM                Rick – A 110” (16:9) image is 97” wide for a EDGE FREE design such as an Aeon or a traditional framed projector screen with an overall width of about 8’ 5” to 8’ 10” across.  Either will fit your room but you may want to project an image on your wall; use the zoom function to make the largest size you can comfortably watch.  I would not disagree with 110” being an excellent choice for you.
  • 9:08:30 AM         Customer – Glad we agree.  How about types?  Do you have a preference on the EDGE FREE  or  “frame” ?
  • 9:09:40 AM         Customer – I am looking at both, your Aeon series, or Saber 2.
  • 9:10:25 AM                Rick – Aeon 110” has a width of 97” (8’ 1”) and Sable 2 has a width of 101” (8’ 5”)
  • 9:10:34 AM         Customer – ok
  • 9:10:46 AM         Customer – For that dimension, how far back should I sit?
  • 9:12:35 AM                Rick – This will comfortably accommodate you at around a 11-15 foot seating distance.
  • 9:14:54 AM         Customer – Got it
  • 9:14:57 AM         Customer – Then we should be good?
  • 9:15:12 AM         Customer – Any preference between Aeon and Sable 2?
  • 9:17:51 AM                Rick – I like the Aeon because it is in step with the latest architectural style.  It’s EDGE FREE design means it has an internal framework that the screen wraps around as opposed to traditional designs where the frame is external and borders the screen material.  The Aeon has that clean resort-quality appearance with nice, trim lines.  The advantage of the Sable is cost but both use the same material and will give equal picture quality.
  • 9:18:15 AM         Customer – Alright.  I appreciate the honest comparison and your help.
  • 9:18:15 AM                Rick – Thank you for choosing Elite Screens. I enjoyed speaking with you.


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