How Can I install This Screen on a Draped Wall?

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A customer contacted us to confirm that a matte white material would work best with his projector. Service team leader Jaime affirmed the choice, made sure he was also getting a screen with an aspect ratio that matches the projector and then addressed when the screen material’s top drop is essential for high ceiling installations. He also provided insight as to the best ways to install the screen.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • 4:00:00 PM                Jaime- Thank you for contacting Sales department.  This is Jaime, how may I help you?
  • 9:04:16 AM         Customer – Will the Epson 3500 be too bright for the Cinewhite screen in a light controlled room.
  • 9:05:32 AM                Jaime – Not at all. Your projector puts out 3000 lumens in a 16:10 native format. Since the washout effects of ambient light, and your brightness is pretty typical, your setup should work out just fine.
  • 9:06:03 AM                Jaime – The Cinewhite material diffuses beautifully so it will also reduce the chance of any hot-spotting
  • 9:06:40 AM                Jaime – The key is to properly angle the projector in front of the screen and place it at about 12′-18′ from the projection surface.  Always check your manual on proper throw distances.
  • 9:06:51 AM                Jaime – I also recommend considering a 16:10 aspect ratio to match with your projector.
  • 9:06:52 AM         Customer – When ordering on your website how should I answer the option regarding black drop?
  • 9:07:15 AM                Jaime – Are you mounting the screen from the ceiling?
  • 9:07:54 AM         Customer – To the wall with curtains behind it. Normal height. Nothing high.
  • 9:08:29 AM                Jaime – In that case, you can use the screen with the least amount of drop
  • 9:08:48 AM         Customer – so answer is  “no”?
  • 9:08:55 AM                Jaime – Correct.  It is more ideal for high ceiling installations.
  • 9:09:22 AM         Customer – What about clearance from the screen to the wall? Is there enough room for curtains?
  • 9:11:19 AM                Jaime – It is only possible if you intend to drive your screws through the draperies and position the drape material so that it is not constantly rubbing against the backdrop.
  • 9:11:37 AM                Jaime – I would recommend buying extension brackets to use for an installation like that.  You’ll still can drill through the fabric if you want to or you can use brackets to hang the material over the drape material instead and the extra top black drop will give you more flexibility with your height settings.
  • 9:12:18 AM         Customer – That sounds like a good option. I did not see them when I was looking at your website.
  • 9:12:18 AM                Jaime – here is the product page for the L-brackets:
  • 9:12:27 AM                Jaime – You can see photos of the product here also.
  • 9:12:49 AM                Jaime – I recommend selecting the  6″ extension brackets and you can order them together with the screen from the same dealer.
  • 9:13:14 AM                Jaime – Same deal if you are on our website and it all drop-ships from the same facility.
  • 9:13:42 AM                Jaime – To order them, follow this link:
  • 9:14:15 AM         Customer – Great. Thanks for all your help!
  • 9:14:40 AM                Jaime – It’s my pleasure to help.
  • 9:14:44 AM                Jaime – thank you for choosing Elite Screens
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