Elite’s CineTension B Tab-Tensioned Electric Projector Screen from Unboxing to Installation

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From Unboxing To Installation, Here are Two Great Videos About the CineTension B


Take Advantage of Two Great Training Tools to Teach Customers About the CineTension B and All It Has to Offer

The CineTension B is an electric motorized projector screen that incorporates a tab-tension reinforced material for superior flatness. It proves that professional grade quality does not need to be sacrificed in order to provide consumers with a cost advantage in their projection gear. The video above reveals a long list of features such as:

  • Stylish white enameled metal casing with sliding brackets
  • Full IR, RF, and Ethernet control package
  • 5-12v trigger synchronizes the screens drop/rise with the projector’s power cycle
  • Tab-Tensioned material accommodates standard, short throw and UST projectors
  • Matte white material is UHD 4K/8K and Passive 3D compliant

 Elite's CineTension B Tab-Tensioned Electric Projector Screen

This is all part of a customer awareness program to equip our resellers an dealers with a series of easy to watch videos demonstrating the product in a natural envrionment. Videos like this reveal the product and its features in a real-time format that is both easy to follow and comprehend.
(Click Image for Product Video)


Watch The Unboxing and Installation Video

This video is pure gold for sharing with customers, what they get from Elite’s customary electric screen package in addition to detailed, useful instructions on just how easy it is to put one up in any home or business.

(Click for Image for Unboxing Video)


We Can Fufill Your Order Within 3-Business Days

Elite Screens has four major facilities in the US (California, Texas, Georgia, & Maryland) to serve the various regions quickly and effectively. Call us now to learn about our various programs.



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