Screens and Materials That Are Best for Outdoor Use

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When purchasing an outdoor screen, it’s important to weigh the options. Choose the right format (portable, free standing, wall hanging, etc.) at a size that will best serve you and your viewers. Make sure that the screen is rated for outdoor use if it will remain outside and ask the service team what are its limitations in the great outdoors.


Here are the links used in the discussion:


*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • [20:58]        Rick: Hello my name’s Rick, how may I help you.
  • [20:59] Brad: Hi Rick, I’m in the market for a projector screen, and Elite Screens seems to be a crowd favorite. I’m setting up an outdoor theater system, but know that I am not trying to break the bank with my set up, as it is rarely going to be used
  • [20:59] Brad: Mainly, it will be for late night football games and movies.
  • [21:00]        Rick: Okay, I have one that can be the best starter for outdoor use.
  • [21:00] Brad: So, I expect mostly night time use, but daytime may be possible. Having that said, I like the whole idea of Cinegrey
  • [21:01] Brad: From what I’ve learned, what I’m looking for is a Cinegrey screen, 100″, manual pull down
  • [21:01]        Rick: just to clarify, this is for outdoor use?
  • [21:01] Brad: not sure if that exists though haha. Yes, mostly for outdoor.
  • [21:02]        Rick: the Cinegrey material is for indoor use only to combat the ambient light, this screen only comes in either a fixed frame or motorized.
  • [21:02]        Rick: Here is the one I can recommend. It works real well, does not cost much, sets up easy but is a regular matte white screen. Just unroll it and hang on the wall:
  • [21:03]        Rick: If you are looking for mobility here is the Yard Master2 series. It is portable, free standing and assembles in minutes.
  • [21:03]        Rick
  • [21:03] Brad: Are all of the “MaxWhite” screens matte white?
  • [21:04] Brad: And I have no need for mobility.
  • [21:04] Brad: fixed, hanging/mounted location is what I need.
  • [21:04]        Rick: Okay, I have some additional suggestions in that case. If you are looking for an alternative to ambient light rejecting the yard master2 with rear-projection material is a good option OR – Our DIY Pro is rear projection:
  • [21:04] Brad: Being that it will always be outside, I figure a manual pull down will stand the test of time
  • [21:05]        Rick: Here is our manual outdoor projector screen that is actually rated for outdoor use:
  • [21:05] Brad: typically speaking, what do those run for?
  • [21:07]        Rick: The Yardmaster manual screens run around $300-400 depending on the dealer, we as the manufacture don’t compete pricing so our prices follow the going rate. The starting price from our shop is $364.
  • [21:08] Brad: And does the DIY not have a casing; is it only the screen material?
  • [21:09]        Rick: The DIY series is just the material and can be tied between a garage door spaces, trees, fence posts,or a homemade frame.
  • [21:10] Brad: got it.. I’m okay with spending around $300 for the right screen, and being that it will go in front of a nice brick wall, i like the idea of being able to retract it when I’m not using it.
  • [21:11] Brad: So are there other options for me that can still be used outside that fit my needs?
  • [21:11] Brad: Just want to be sure I consider all options
  • [21:13]        Rick: From our discussion, I believe that I have provided you with the best option but here is the list for our outdoor screens just in case you’d like other options:
  • [21:13] Brad: There seems to be so many options that meet my specs, but at different price points.. manual pull down, 100″.. But it must be for outside.  That’s the rub.
  • [21:15]        Rick:  I understand.  Regardless if it’s an outside material or not, don’t leave it out in the direct sunlight or the sun will destroy it.  When you are finished using the screen, retract it back into its casing.  The outdoor rating is for moisture but UV radiation will destroy any screen material out there.
  • [21:18] Brad: Gotcha.. OK, thank you so much for your help, looks like the yard master manual is the one I need! Lastly, are all of the yard master screens the same, or is it now just about the size and color of the casing?
  • [21:20]        Rick: Yes, the screen material and metal casing are both white.
  • [21:22] Brad: Got it.. ok thank you! I will find a dealer and pick one up!
  • [21:22] Brad: Thanks for your time
  • [21:22]        Rick: It’s my pleasure Brad.  Thank you for choosing Elite Screens.  Have a great evening.
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