Assisting an Installer from a remote location overseas

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An installer up in the Baltic region of Europe is trying to fix a screen that he may have damaged with his attempt to improvise a wire control. This is never recommended unless there is a professional electrician with familiar knowledge of our product and has a wiring chart for our screen’s main board.  Jaime was able to walk the installer through the setup. He also provided him with a means of finding a regional distributor and Elite Screens office to continue providing him with the right goods to get the job done.


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*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • [19:31] International Customer: Hello!
  • [19:31]        Jaime: Hello, how may I help you?
  • [19:32] International Customer: Maybe I killed a screen…
  • [19:32]        Jaime: I’m sorry to hear that.  What screen model do you have?
  • [19:32] International Customer: Serial number is HOME135IWH2-E34-39E 000009
  • V2.0-220V ECN-037
  • [19:33] International Customer: I don’t understand the model.
  • [19:33]        Jaime: I do. Judging from the number given, you have the HOME2 series electric projector screen.
  • [19:33]        Jaime: What is going on with the screen?
  • [19:33] International Customer: O!
  • [19:34] International Customer: Yes, I installed a motorized screen. There was no remote controller. So to check it, I connected a UTP cord with RJ-45 into a connector.
  • [19:34] International Customer: If I shorted 3 and 6 wires – the screen goes down, 3 and 4 – up, 3 and 5 – it stopped during operation when I think that the wires were shorted. But, when I hold them together for some seconds – the motor has no reaction at all.
  • [19:34]        Jaime: Do you have any other remote for this screen?
  • [19:35]        Jaime: You may have the wall box that came with the screen.
  • [19:36] International Customer: No
  • [19:36] International Customer: Nothing
  • [19:36]        Jaime: It sounds like you may have to contact your dealer to get a new circuit board replacement along with the remotes they did not give you.
  • [19:37]        Jaime: I am concerned that your attempt to rewire the controls may have destroyed your circuit board.
  • [19:37]        Jaime: Without any remotes, we can’t troubleshoot this.
  • [19:38]        Jaime: I would also consider buying the 12 volt triggers to replace that improvised connection you made. That improvised connection may have ruined your circuit board.
  • [19:42] International Customer: I found controllers!
  • [19:42] International Customer: Not working
  • [19:43]        Jaime: Try checking if the IR (infrared remote is transmitting) Either the little red led light above the button will flash, or turn on your cell phone camera, point the remote’s IR transmitter at your camera and press the button. If the remote is working, you’ll be able to see it on your phone’s video screen.
  • [19:44] International Customer: Just a minute. I am changing the batteries.
  • [19:44]        Jaime: Okay.
  • [19:45] International Customer: Did you say that the LED indicators on remote controllers have to flash when i press the button?
  • [19:45]        Jaime: Yes, they will flash.
  • [19:45]        Jaime: try the IR remote first
  • [19:46]        Jaime: Point it the sensor that is on the housing of the screen.
  • [19:46] International Customer: ok
  • [19:46] International Customer: one moment
  • [19:47] International Customer: YESSSS!!!! IT WORKS!!!!!
  • [19:48] International Customer: Thank you! It’s my client’s screen… I thought I would have a lot of work to do here. Where in the Baltic/Russia can I reach an authorized dealer if I need more parts?
  • [19:49]        Jaime: Good news! Yes, we have an office in Hamburg .  They can connect you with someone nearby. We also have a list of international distributors:
  • [19:48] International Customer: Thank you!!!
  • [19:48]        Jaime: It’s my pleasure to help.  Thank you for choosing Elite Screens.
  • [19:50] International Customer: Thank you for your help!!! It is late here and I need to get home. Thank you again.
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