Affordable 150” Tab Tension Screens

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Larger sized projector screens for household applications are a growing trend. Regardless if it’s a home theater, media room or living room “TV” application, there’s big, bigger, and whoa! Along with the huge sizes often comes a huge price tag. After getting an immediate answer, this customer gets the full discussion as to everything involving this size of projector screen.


Here are the links used in the discussion:


*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • [21:13]        Jaime: Hi, how may I help you?
  • [21:14] Doug: Hi – I am interested in purchasing a 150″ Tab Tensioned screen in the $1000-2000 range. You have so many choices, I am trying to figure out the differences and get your recommendation as to which might be the best one.
  • [21:15]        Jaime: The best one to buy given the price range of your budget would be the Starling Tab-tensioned model.
  • [21:15]        Jaime: you can buy one here:
  • [21:15]        Jaime: if you have ambient light in the room, we offer the Cinegrey5D for this model
  • [21:15]        Jaime: you can make the selection on the order form at the link I gave you
  • [21:16] Doug: Thank you. What is the difference between the one you sent me and this model: Elite Screens CineTension B Series?
  • [21:16]        Jaime: the main differences can be seen on this comparison sheet:
  • [21:16]        Jaime: Notice that the Cinetension B series is not offered with the ambient light rejecting material.
  • [21:17] Doug: So, for example, I am putting it in a room that has windows, it makes sense to get the ambient light rejection surface?
  • [21:17]        Jaime: that is correct
  • [21:17] Doug: Is there one for even slightly more money that you would recommend more than the ones in the link you sent me?
  • [21:19]        Jaime: we do have the absolute best model, which is the Cinetension2 series, not B series, which differs in that the Cinetension2 series has the overall best build quality
  • [21:19]        Jaime: Most importantly, it has the flattest surface tension. –Here is the product page.
  • [21:19]        Jaime
  • [21:19] Doug: Thanks. How much do those run?
  • [21:20] Doug: And just to understand – if I do have a room with ambient light, I should pick the CineGrey 5D vs the others?
  • [21:20]        Jaime: that is correct
  • [21:21] Doug: How much do the Cinetension 2 run?
  • [21:21]        Jaime: those do go for over $1800.
  • [21:21]        Jaime: you get those through our ProAv channel
  • [21:21]        Jaime: the link I gave you is for the ambient light rejecting screen
  • [21:22]        Jaime: you’ll get the price there
  • [21:23] Doug: Ok thanks. Last question. On the first website you sent me, it lists this: Spectra White FG (fiberglass backed) matte white (1.1 Gain) and CineGrey 5D surface (1.5 gain) but I am not sure if these are choices or just all included because there is no choice under the drop down menu other than Spectra white fiberglass
  • [21:24] Doug: Additionally, they appear to be out of stock.
  • [21:24]        Jaime: those are the various options for you to choose from
  • [21:25]        Jaime: if you have ambient light in the room, you will need the Cinegrey 5D material
  • [21:25]        Jaime: that one has a 1.5 gain surface
  • [21:27] Doug: Ok. So this sounds like a good fit.  I think I’ll go through your sales channel and get the ball rolling.  Thanks for the help
  • [21:26]        Jaime: It’s my pleasure to help sir.  Thank you for choosing Elite Screens.
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