Big Screen for A-Frame Building

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This Church is looking for a larger screen with ambient light rejecting material to replace their existing screen.  The obstacle is negotiating with the 1950’s era A-Frame construction.

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*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • [15:11]        Rick: Hello, how may I help you.
  • [15:11] Customer: We have been a very satisfied Elite Screens Customer since our last purchase four years ago.
  • [15:12] Customer: We began with a portable screen
  • [15:13] Customer: F100XWH1 then we moved to the ER120DH3 (ALR screen)  when we purchased the facility where we currently meet.
  • [15:13] Customer: We have done some stage upgrades and now want to upgrade the screen once again, but I need your help.
  • [15:14]        Rick: Certainly, how may I help?
  • [15:14] Customer: Can I send you a picture and describe what we want to do and get your feedback?
  • [15:14]        Rick: Are you trying to upgrade the screen in size?
  • [15:19] Customer: We purchased a building used for a church that was built in the 1950s. It’s an A-frame, a big triangle. We want to put a screen that stretches across the length of the stage, but we have the triangle-shaped gable which can be problematic. A picture would be helpful here. (attached photo)
  • [15:23]        Rick: Oh I see, you will like to go bigger. I have a screen that can help but you might have to set the screen higher. It will be the same screen series as ER120DHD3 but it will be slightly larger in width and height.
  • [15:23]        Rick: Ambient light rejecting frame screen
  • [15:24]        Rick: also we have this series that uses an internal framework.  It has a much cleaner, modern, appearance.
  • [15:24]        Rick
  • [15:25] Customer: I think I want borderless. The second one.
  • [15:25]        Rick: Nice choice.  This is our Edge Free screen.
  • [15:26] Customer: And then I am thinking of filling in the ends so we can do some environmental projection in those areas in the future.
  • [15:26]        Rick: Be careful about modification of the product.  I recommend contacting a house of worship AV installer in your area.  I just want to see this installation go great for you.
  • [15:27]        Rick: the current screen you have is 109.3 wide by 63.5 high.
  • [15:28]        Rick: Looking at the picture, is this where you want to screen to be located?
  • [15:28] Customer: The colored in area is roughly the area.
  • [15:28] Customer: I would want to stick with 16:9
  • [15:28] Customer: I think…
  • [15:28]        Rick: Understood.  I have two screen you may look into.
  • [15:29]        Rick: I will give you the model and screen size.
  • [15:30]        Rick: AR135DHD3– 66.3 x 117.9 and AR150DHD3 — 71.5 x 130.9
  • [15:30] Customer: Can you also send me mounting directions. We will want to install some lighting above and below the screen and may build out from the wall in order to install those lights actually behind the screen.
  • [15:30]        Rick: Certainly, here is the user guide.
  • [15:32] Customer: So it’s basically installed the same as the one we have…great!
  • [15:32]        Rick: yes.
  • [15:34] Customer: Thanks
  • [15:34]        Rick: My pleasure, have a great day.
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