Will my screen fit my room?

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This customer is interested in getting the best fit of a projector screen in his room. Elite provides a series of tutorial articles and videos to help with making the best selection. The recommended sizes and distances are based on the findings of industry professionals such as the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE), and the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA).  However, the human element still brings its own unique requirements.

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*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • [15:19]        Rick: Hello, John, how may I help you?
  • [15:20] John: There seems to be differing opinions on the screen size. I chose my screen based on the chart in your instructional video, but using the other math (viewing size x 3)/12….. it seems 110 might be better
  • [15:21]        Rick: I’m not familiar with that calculation but for the 110″ screen the SMPTE recommended distance is between 11 to 14 ft and for the 120″ the SMPTE recommended distance is 13 to 16 ft.
  • [15:22]        Rick: An easy calculation to find the minimum distance is to calculate the screen width x 1.5.
  • [15:23] John: Interesting. The couch will be about 14 feet away
  • [15:23]        Rick: the 110 is close to 96 inches wide so multiplying by 1.5 will be 144 inches (12 feet).
  • [15:25]        Rick: I calculated that 14 feet (168”) would present an ideal throw distance for a 112.6” screen so the 110” would work fine.  You could do a 120” if it was your personal preference but I advise projecting a 120” sized (107” wide)  image on your wall first and see if it is comfortable to watch.
  • [15:26] John: 110 would be more relaxed?
  • [15:27]        Rick: It would be easier on your eyes and less taxing on your peripheral vision.
  • [15:28]        Rick: So my recommendation is either to go for a 110, 120, or even 135” screen based on what your comfort levels are.  SMPTE presents precise numbers to use as a guideline but ultimately, the truest answer has to do with your own preference.
  • [15:29] John: Good to know.  I’ll try that.
  • [15:35] John: I don’t want too small but I don’t want too big either. I will project on the wall and measure the width.  Is there a way to calculate screen width of a 16:9 screen into the actual size?
  • [15:35]        Rick: There is.  Here is the article on that. https://elitescreens.com/front/front/newsdetail/news/209
  • [15:37] John: Great, this helps a lot.
  • [15:41]        Rick: Glad to help. We generally make a 110-120-135 sequence of sizes for projector screens so estimating the difference is up to what you like.
  • [15:41]        Rick: 110″ est. view size 54″x96″
  • [15:42]        Rick: 120″ est. view size 59″x105″
  • [15:43]        Rick: 135” est. view size 66”x117
  • [15:45] John: Thanks for the help man.
  • [15:45]        Rick: My pleasure.  Thank you for choosing Elite Screens.
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