Installing an electric screen in my 11’ x 21’ room

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Here is a “from the ground up” discussion for a customer turning some extra space into a nice projection screening room.  It covers selecting the right screen size, material and even how to put the screen up.  Projectors are more affordable than ever and the online sales opportunities are limitless.  The screen calculator will help you determine how large the projected image will be at a certain distance depending on the make and model of projector.  This is one of the most instructive chats I’ve seen. Enjoy the read.

Here are the links used in the discussion:

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • [16:27] Customer: Good Morning, I could use some assistance in specifying the details of a screen.
  • [16:27]        Johnny: Ok sure
  • [16:29] Customer: I’m starting from a blank slate in a basement room. The room is 11′ x 21′ and the screen will be located on the 11′ wide wall. The projector will be around 8′ away. I would like it to be motorized and I plan to build a fake ‘beam’ around it to give it a built-in appearance.
  • [16:30] Customer: The ceiling height is fairly low as well, I believe it’s just under 8′.
  • [16:30] Customer: I have (1) window that will be located directly behind the screen.
  • [16:31]        Johnny: Sounds like a great project. Do you have a specific size and aspect ratio in mind?
  • [16:31] Customer: From some rough measuring, I think I’ll need to be in the 80″-90″ range with probably a 16:9 ratio.
  • [16:32]        Johnny: 80 – 90 the diagonal size the screen needs to be? or the viewing width ?
  • [16:32] Customer: Diagonal size
  • [16:33] Customer: From reading a bit, I would prefer a tab-tensioned screen as well, but I’m not sure how critical that is on the smaller screen sizes.
  • [16:34]        Johnny: Assuming your 8 foot throw distance is the same as your viewing distance, 84” would work nicely.  We have model TE84HW2 which is a 84″ tab tension screen from our CineTension2Series
  • [16:34]        Johnny: you can see this series from this link here:
  • [16:34]        Johnny
  • [16:35] Customer: Ok, perfect, that’s actually the model that I was thinking I would need. But I also, don’t know much other than what I’ve read, so I wanted to confirm.
  • [16:35] Customer: I think the only other question I have then is on the material selection.
  • [16:36]        Johnny: will this room have controlled lighting
  • [16:37] Customer: It would be “mostly” controlled, I’d say. All of the lights are on dimmers and the only ambient light that would make it in would be via the window that the screen will completely cover. So, I’m sure there will be some light bleed around the outside of the screen.
  • [16:38] Customer: Also, that window does have some old wooden shutters on it, which will block some of the light, but I’m sure the wife wouldn’t be onboard with also adding a blackout shade to it.
  • [16:38]        Johnny: ok so it seems the room will have controlled lighting. So you could fare well with a matte white material.  Buying the ALR material would just be a matter of choice in this case.
  • [16:38]        Johnny: If you are going for matte white, it would be our cinewhite material.
  • [16:38] Customer: Awesome! Thanks!
  • [16:39] Customer: I guess the last thing is on projector selection. I don’t have anything planned for it yet. Is there any certain technologies or features that I should look for?
  • [16:39] Customer: I would like to keep the projector under $1,000.
  • [16:40]        Johnny: This is a fantastic question and it opens up the discussion on other possibilities. Depending on the projector you choose, you may be able to put in
  • [16:41]        Johnny: Projection Screen Calculator:
  • [16:41]        Johnny: What screen size is best for your installation:
  • [16:41]        Johnny: How to select a projection screen material:
  • [16:42]        Johnny: How to properly install your projector screen:
  • [16:43] Customer: Sounds great.  I’ll hunt the same sites your screens are on.  Perhaps I can get a bundle promotion. Does LCD or DLP matter.
  • [16:44]        Johnny: LCD and DLP are a matter of personal preference but either works with our screens.
  • [16:44] Customer: Sounds great! I’ll get in contact with them. Thanks again!  Thanks for the information.
  • [16:44]        Johnny: It’s my pleasure to help.
  • [16:45]        Johnny: Thank you for your interest in Elite Screens, and hope you have a great day.
  • [16:45] Customer: You too.
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