Vertical Adjustment, the Forgotten Step

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Adjusting your screen’s height setting can be relatively easy.  Just be sure you have the proper instructions and the helping hand of our service team.


*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • [16:06] Customer: Hi
  • [16:07]        Rick: Hello, How may I help you today.
  • [16:08] Customer: I spoke to a tech rep yesterday about the vertical limit switch and I am using this doc –  but I don’t see the screen moving up when I rotate the screw clock wise.
  • [16:09] Customer: I have this model – TE135HW2B-E24
  • [16:09]        Rick: For this unit if you trying to reduce the drop, the screen will not raise on its own you will have to use your remote to raise 1/4 of the way up and drop it back down. to see your progress.
  • [16:10] Customer: I am trying to adjust the drop using a white screw
  • [16:10] Customer: I did not. I checked it.
  • [16:11] Customer: ok. I rolled it back all the way to top and then brought it down. I can see the change.
  • [16:11]        Rick: Great
  • [16:11] Customer: thanks for the tip.
  • [16:11]        Rick: you’re welcome.
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