How Do I Hang an Aeon Edge Free Screen?

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Sometimes the seemingly simple becomes a difficult problem. In this case, the problem was so subtle but the solution came easy.

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*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • [16:44] Customer: Any tricks for hanging the screen? It is very difficult to get the screen into the included brackets. I tried at an angle as well as straight on.
  • [16:44] Customer: I bought a 120″
  • [16:44]        Jaime: I’d be glad to help. What model of screen do you have?
  • [16:50] Customer: Aeon AUHD
  • [16:54]        Jaime: There’s no trick to hanging the frame on the brackets. The backside of the frame has a groove where brackets slide in to and then you can even align it horizontally.
  • [16:59]        Jaime: I have 2 videos for you.  The first explains how you should hang your screen –
  • [17:02] Customer: so you are saying that it should fit right into the groove and no need to angle it in
  • [17:04]        Jaime: That is correct.  Here is the specific video as to how your screen should be assembled and installed –
  • [17:05] Customer: also.. when I put the center bracket in, you have to choose one side or the other. the side I put it on slightly moved the frame on that side so when I put on the framing (black) border, it is off the same amount.
  • [17:05]        Jaime: we do have a assembly video that you can reference here:
  • [17:06]        Jaime: If your frame is not properly attaching with the brackets, I would like to look into this. Do you have any photos of the problem for me to examine?
  • [17:06]        Jaime: you can email me any photos (contact included)
  • [17:06] Customer: The middle bracket would not fit without using a mallet to inch it over
  • [17:06]        Jaime: Sometimes you may have to tap it into place but you should not have to use excessive force to match these connections. What typically causes this is either the frame or the wall surface is uneven.
  • [17:07] Customer: I have a question here.  What if I am using my own spanner instead of the one you included to make sure the frame maintains even tension. The spanner you sent seemed to fit firmly but not as tightly as I thought it should.
  • [17:08]        Jaime: Interesting. Using a leveler, can you  see if this screen is laying perfectly flat or is it laying unevenly.
  • [17:08] Customer: I’ll lay it on the Pergo floor and see how even it lays. Give me five minutes.
  • [17:08]        Jaime: You got it.  I’ll be here.
  • [17:15] Customer: Wow, that spanner did distort the frame just slightly enough so that I could align one side but the other just would not fit.  I removed the spanner I made, adjusted a few more things, and shifted in the Elite-brand spanner and after a little coaxing, I got it up and things look good.
  • [17:09]        Jaime: Great, I’m glad to hear it worked out.  Can I assist you with anything else?
  • [17:09] Customer: Nope, that’s it.  Thanks for the help.
  • [17:09]        Jaime: My pleasure, thank you for choosing Elite Screens.
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