Starling Tab-Tension 2 Cinegrey 5D Ambient Light Rejecting Electric Projection Screen

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Here is a customer looking for clarification on the size and availability of a motorized projection screen for his living room.  This article covers the Starling Tab-Tension 2 Series variant that has a 5D ambient light rejecting material.


*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • [17:25] Customer: I was hoping to purchase a 120″ Cinegrey 5D screen, but have learned that I cannot go that large. Can you confirm that the only sizes you have in motorized tab tensioned screens are the Saker 100″ and the Starling 106″
  • [17:26] Customer: Over 100”, i.e. no 110″
  • [17:27]        Jaime: I good answer for you and sizes are available in either a 106”, 120”, or 135” size.
  • [17:27]        Jaime: It’s called the Starling Tab Tension 2 Cinegrey 5D. You may consider a 120” size.
  • [17:28] Customer: I cannot use fixed frame or as large as 120″
  • [17:28] Customer: Trying to find the “largest” next size down from 120″
  • [17:28]        Jaime: This is a motorized screen.  Since you listed 2-other motorized screens, I was staying focused on that category. I would recommend a 106” if you are going smaller. Here is the product link…
  • [17:28]        Jaime: this is where to buy it:
  • [17:29]        Jaime: you make the selections on size and Cinegrey5D
  • [17:30] Customer: My bad. Yes, I want electric “roll-up” and 106” will fit. How is the quality?
  • [17:31]        Jaime: This product was recently featured at the big CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. The Starling Tab-Tension 2 Cinegrey 5D won the Twice Picks Award
  • [17:32]        Jaime: Here is a nice video that really details the performance of the Starling Tab-Tension 2 Cinegrey 5D
  • [17:34] Customer:  Looks pretty good.  Where should I buy one?
  • [17:34]        Jaime: I can go over that in a call if you like but we sell through all the big names. We also have a “where to buy” link on our website as well as a direct sales resource.
  • [17:34] Customer:  Sure, I’m up for a quick call.  My cell number is ((xxx)xxx-xxxx). Last question, any advice on putting this thing up?
  • [17:35]        Jaime: Instructions come with the screen but here is a good educational video on setting up your ALR screen with the projector:
  • [17:36] Customer:  Thanks Buddy, I’m up for your call now if that works.
  • [17:36]        Jaime: I’ll call you right now.  Thank you for choosing Elite Screens
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