Model: ZU12V – Universal Wireless 12V Projector Trigger

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ZU12V Wireless trigger will work ONLY with Elite Motorized Screens V2.0 and above

Step one: ZU12V and Motorized Elite Screen set up

  1. Unplug the Power Cable attached to your motorized Elite Screen from the wall.
  2. Connect the Projector’s Power Cable to the ZU12V, then plug the cable into a nearby power outlet. (red light will blink)
  3. Press & Hold [Button 1] with pointy object, AND quickly plug in the Elite electric screen into the power outlet (you may need another person to plug in the screen power cord), release [Button 1] after 3 seconds

(The screen may react and drop about an inch, then retract back into the housing)

Step two: ZU12V and Projector set up

  1. Press & Hold [Button 2] with a sharp object. (blue light will blink), release [Button 2] after 3 seconds
  2. Plug the ZU12V trigger into your projector
  3. Turn on the projector and again, Press & Hold [Button 2] with a pointy object. (blue light will blink), release [Button 2] after 3 seconds.
  4. Turn off the projector.
  5. Power on your projector once more and your Elite Screen should now automatically drop. If it does not, repeat the process from Step one.


  • When powering off the projector, assure it is completely powered off (ex. fan off), then the screen will retract automatically.
  • If the motorized screen does not automatically drop or retract, repeat the process from step one.


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Note: Operation range for ZU12V is around 80 feet (25 m)

Important Notes:

*Note: The ZU12V Universal Wireless 12V Projector Trigger is not compatible with Elite’s various Starling and CineTension B product lines of electric projector screens.

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