Evanesce in Laguna Beach Residence

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  • Date:  December 2017
  • Location:  Laguna Beach, CA
  • Venue: Residential Installation
  • Product: Evanesce IHOME126HW2-E20
  • Installer: Paul Parker (Homeowner)
  • Video Link: (Click Here)


Evanesce in Laguna Beach Residence


Product Notes:

Documentation of residential in-ceiling installation of the Evanesce projector screen by Elite. The Evanesce is a fully contained in-ceiling electric projection screen. It is encased in a white-enameled aluminum housing for convenient installation. There are tensioned and non-tensioned variants available with matte white projection surfaces in 4:3, 16:9, 16:10, and 2.35:1 aspect ratios in sizes from 84”–139”. Control package includes IR and RF receivers, remote controls, RJ45 wire connection and 5-12Volt trigger along with an external and an in-wall integrated low-voltage 3-way wall switch.


This installation revealed the true reason why an in-ceiling electric screen is just the best for home décor. A customer in Laguna Beach California was so enthusiastic about his new home installation, he invited Elite’s videography team to document the installation and then return to hear his thoughts about the finished product.


Evanesce in Laguna Beach Residence


“The screen is amazing, the quality is just outstanding.”

Remarked Paul, the homeowner.  “It brings everything to light. The colors are very vivid and it’s just like being in a movie theater”. Take notice in the video of how nicely the screen disappears when not in use but makes a huge impression during movie time. This product is specifically made for wow-factor and complements the interior of the average home to a multi-million dollar residence with a view.  Paul gave the observation that “When you watch (home theater) in the big screen, it just encompasses you”.  This leaves the question, why go to the movies when there’s a better show at home?

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