New Manual Non-Electric, Retractable, Tab-Tension Projection Screen Accommodates Standard, Short Throw or UST Projectors

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New Design Answers the Call for a High Quality Manual Projection Screen

Our customers have been asking for a tab-tensioned manual screen because they can provide a great advantage over other “roll-up” screen solutions. The video here demonstrates the features of the screen in addition to walking you through the un-boxing, and installation. Below are some key talking points as to why a tab-tensioned manual screen is so important.

  • They are convenient to install – Since it is non-electric, the Manual Tab-Tension Series can be installed where there are no electrical connections.
  • A tab-tensioned material is more versatile – They maintain the necessary flatness for standard, short-throw, and UST projectors. Regular non-tensioned materials don’t work with short throw projectors.
  • Perfect alignment – Sliding brackets allow for the screen to be perfectly centered while the bead chain clutch operation gives perfect vertical alignment with the projector.
    In addition to this, the screens come fully assembled out of the box as a more reliable and economical alternative to electric projector screens.

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About Elite’s Manual Tab-Tension Series

ES Manual Tab-Tension Series

Elite Screens presents the Manual Tab-Tension Series, as its premium grade non-electric large venue projector screen. The design features a manually operated bead chain clutch mechanism with a swift rolling sprocket to allow the material to stop at any point of its drop/rise operation. The tab-tension system ensures that the projection surface is flat and taut so that ultra/short throw projectors may be used with this screen as well.

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