Evanesce In-Ceiling Electric Screen with Acoustically Transparent Material in Palm Springs Home

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  • Date:  January 2018
  • Location:  Palm Springs, CA
  • Event: Residential Installation- Matthew Hensman
  • Product: Evanesce In-Ceiling Electric Screen with Acoustically Transparent Material (IHOME126H2-E12-AUHD)
  • Projector Used: Panasonic
  • Video Link: (Click Here)


Residential Installation- Matthew Hensman



Creating a home theater can be done in many ways. From non-invasive free-standing screens, to large fixed-frames, or to having an electric roll-up screen. However, a growing favorite involves discretion and the best way to accomplish that is to have an integrated projection screen that comes directly out of the ceiling above.  The Evanesce electric “in-ceiling” projection screen makes it easy and is a favorite with DIY installers. When asked for his testimony, the homeowner, Matthew Hensman had this to say about having a large projection screen in his home:“I love movies; I love playing video games so I feel like I am legitimately inside a movie theater when I watch it (the screen presentation).”


Performance is key and the main feature of this particular model is it’s high quality weave material that enables sound to breathe through the fabric with minimal attenuation.  This was particularly the reason why Matthew Hensman had this to say about the screen’s acoustic transparency: “What I think separates this screen from the others is that it’s acoustically transparent material allows the sound to come from (the in-wall projectors) behind the screen itself. So, instead of having speakers that are off to the side it’s (the sound) actually coming straight through the screen itself and that makes it much more enjoyable to watch.”


Although an extra effort goes into an actual “in-ceiling” installation, the results ae well worth it. The disappearing qualities of the Evanesce design means it frees up your room for other activities when it is not in use.  Hensman made a good point in his observation especially when comparing it to large flat panel designs: “A big LCD screen is kind of an eyesore.  When you turn it off, it looks kind of ugly. This, you don’t even notice; it’s only here when I want it.”

This screen comes with an emphatic recommendation from Mr. Hensman. It is the perfect solution for a large projection display that can appear out of thin air and disappear the same way. Its acoustic transparency gives it the same quality of any large theater display. The main difference however, is that it’s your personal home theater.


About the Evanesce In-Ceiling Electric Screen

About the Evanesce In-Ceiling Electric Screen with Acoustically Transparent Material (IHOME126H2-E12-AUHD). The Evanesce is a fully contained in-ceiling electric projection screen. It is encased in a white-enameled aluminum housing for convenient installation. There are tensioned and non-tensioned variants available with matte white or acoustically transparent projection surfaces in 4:3, 16:9, 16:10, and 2.35:1 aspect ratios in sizes from 84”–139”. Control package includes IR and RF receivers, remote controls, RJ45 wire connection and 5-12Volt trigger along with an external and an in-wall integrated low-voltage 3-way wall switch. The model featured in this case study has a 126” diagonal surface and is in a 16:9 (HDTV) aspect ratio.

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