Is the Aeon Edge Free Screen better than the Sable Frame 2?

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A common question is “what’s the difference between the Sable and Aeon?” or “How is an Edge-Free screen different from a regular fixed frame projection screen?  This discussion covers that.


*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number  to “Customer” or a generic name.



  • [21:14] Customer: Hi, I am looking at the Aeon Edge free screen versus the Sable Frame 2 screen in Cinewhite. I will be purchasing the Epson 5040UB projector. Which is the better screen for picture quality? Thank you
  • [21:15] Customer: What is the viewing angle for the Sable Frame 2?
  • [21:16]        Rick Hello, you have raised great questions. The main difference between the two designs depends on whether you prefer a traditional fixed frame (Sable Frame) with external framework; or do you opt for a design that uses an internal framework (Aeon) with a wrap-around screen material over it?
  • [21:16]        Rick: Both use the same material 1.1 gain and a view angle of 180 degrees. The only difference is cosmetic. The Aeon is Edge free and the Sable Frame 2 has a 2.5 inch external black border.
  • [21:17] Customer: Perfect, thank you. Is there more viewing area then on the edge free?
  • [21:18]        Rick: That is correct. The Aeon design gives you more projection space while reducing the overall footprint of the entire screen.
  • [21:19]        Rick: Example AR120WH2 and ER120WH2 same size but the ER120WH2 is bigger due to the frame.  The Aeon gives the same image size without requiring as much wall space. The Aeon is also preferred for its aesthetics since it resembles a large flat panel display.
  • [21:20] Customer: Okay, thank you for your help. At this point it is just a look and whether some one wants a frame that has a border or no border, right?
  • [21:23]        Rick: correct, your preference. Also, as a bonus the edge free model comes with a small frame trim if you want to add a small border on the screen
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