What if my in-ceiling projection screen is uneven?

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This discussion covers the process of adjusting your in-ceiling screen if it becomes apparent that the edges of the screen are not dropping out level.

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*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer” or a generic name.


  • [16:47] Customer: Hello. I would like if I can get support with a Evanesce screen
  • [16:47] Customer: I bought it over 5 years ago. When it is collapsed, one side is lower than the other side.
  • [16:47] Jaime I can assist you with this.  Are you familiar with the vertical limit switch?
  • [16:48] Customer: I know I can adjust the vertical limits, but don’t know how to adjust this when one end hangs down lower than the other.
  • [16:48] Jaime : When the screen hangs lower on one side than the other, the vertical limit adjustment will not correct it.
  • [16:48] Customer: Correct.  IS there a way to fix it or do I have to replace it?
  • [16:48] Jaime : How long has it been like this.
  • [16:48] Customer: It has been like this since I did some ceiling work and wound up messing with the installation a little bit.
  • [16:48] Customer: It started the moment I re-seated it after fixing the ceiling work.
  • [16:48] Jaime : Okay, sounds like something came loose.
  • [16:48] Customer: How do I fix it then? I already have the screen out of the ceiling and down and set between 2-ladders so I can raise and lower this if needed..
  • [16:48] Jaime : Okay good. Look on the right-side end of the housing
  • [16:49] Jaime : You will see two silver screws
  • [16:49] Jaime : Above the rim of the housing
  • [16:49] Jaime : Above the ceiling
  • [16:50] Jaime : What you do is loosen those screws (not remove), you will then be able to lower and raise the roller to level it out. Once you get it leveled, you can tighten those screws
  • [16:50] Customer: (While it is opened, isn’t it?)
  • [16:50] Jaime : You can do it while it is deployed  (opened), yes.
  • [16:50] Customer: So I can do this if it is in or out of the ceiling.
  • [16:51] Jaime : It’s trickier but not impossible. Either way, you have to loosen those two screws to level the roller.
  • [16:55] Customer: OK, I went over it and it is working level now.  Thanks for walking me through it.
  • [16:51] Jaime : Ok, sounds good. Glad t hear it.
  • [16:51] Jaime : thank you for contacting us today
  • [16:52] Customer: thanks to you.
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