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Sound & Vision published a story on how you can find the sweet spot when employing ANY ambient light rejecting projector screen.

Here’s what they had to say:

The use of sophisticated multilayered materials has given rise to a new generation of ALR screens capable of producing a remarkably high-contrast image when paired with a suitably bright projector. Problem is, you have to know how to properly position the projector and the screen to achieve an image that “pops” that way it’s supposed to. That’s not to say the presentation will be awful in a less-than-perfect setup, but it won’t be optimal either.

Elite Screens’ addresses this potential pitfall in a new video offering tips on how to maximize image performance in ALR projection setups — or how to find the sweet spot. The video uses Elite’s CineGray 3D material as an example but rest assured that these guidelines apply to any ALR screen.

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