I need a motorized screen for a short-throw projector

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It is always good to ask a manufacturer if the screen and projector will work well together. In this case, the customer confirmed that this will be a short-throw projector, not a UST. From there, choosing the right screen was easy.


Here are the links used in the discussion that are for some favorite UST projector-friendly screens:


*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer” or a generic name.


  • [19:49] Customer: I am looking for a motorized screen for a short throw projector
  • [19:49] Rick: Certainly, I would be glad to help you. Here is a good video on selecting a screen for Ultra-Short-Throw (UST) projectors https://elitescreens.com/elitetube/UST_Compatibility.mp4
  • [19:49] Rick: Here is also an article regarding the differences between Standard, Short-Throw, and UST projectors https://elitescreens.com/front/front/newsdetail/news/355
  • [19:51] Customer: Case length would be 120″ to 130″ – just a moment as I look over the video and article
  • [19:55] Customer: For kids to watch & this would definitely be a short throw.
  • [19:56] Rick: we have a few models that are compatible with short throw projectors, also they need to use the Cinewhite material this material is stretched with tab tension string to provide you a flat surface.
  • [19:55] Rick: Here are a few models you can search.
  • [20:03] Rick: TE120WH2, STT120XWH2-E12 and here is a model that will be concealed in the ceiling. ETB120HW2-E8
  • [20:09] Customer: Well that was quick and painless.  Thanks for the help.
  • [20:09] Rick: My pleasure.  Thank you for choosing Elite Screens.


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