Installation Chat: How Much Space Do I Need to Install an In-Ceiling Projection Screen?

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This discussion covers a routine in-ceiling “sheetrock” (aka drywall) ceiling installation. Installing an integrated ceiling projector screen requires a considerable amount of home-construction know-how.  It may also require job blueprints for a building permit from your city or county office.



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*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer” or a generic name.


[23:54] Customer: Hello

[23:54] Rick: Hello, how may I help you.

[23:54] Rick has left the conversation

[23:54] Customer: I’m interested in purchasing your in ceiling projector screens

[23:55] Customer: I just wanted to confirm how much space i need above the ceiling

[23:56] Rick I would be glad to help. To begin, here is a great tutorial:

[23:57] Customer: Looking good. So installing across the ceiling joists is out!

[23:58] Rick: Correct.  It should run parallel to the joists. Undermining those beams will make your structure unsound.  For that I recommend either constructing a false ceiling to install into or go for a traditional ceiling mount (to the ceiling, not in it.)

[23:58] Customer: The in-ceiling projectors are what I want and I can accommodate either way.

[23:58] Customer: It’s going into a sheet rock ceiling.

[23:59] Customer: with about 12″ of space between the ceiling and the top of the slab

[00:00] Rick: Sounds like a pretty standard installation that should be fairly easy to perform. If you are looking in our Evanesce B and Evanesce tab tension B series the housing ‘s height is 3.7 inches.

[00:00] Rick: Here are the specs.

[00:02] Rick:

[00:03] Customer: Very good.  With these specs, it should come together nicely.  Thanks for the advice.

[00:02] Rick: My pleasure.  Thank you for choosing Elite Screens.


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