How to Select Chat: Can You Explain What the Product Numbers Mean?

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Here is an easy discussion that breaks down the  “product code” to show what each one means.  In this case, the buyer has purchased an ambient light rejecting screen and would like to know how much better it is than the regular matte white or matte grey materials.




Here are the links used in the discussion that are for some favorite UST projector-friendly screens:



*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer” or a generic name.



[18:29] Rick: Hello, how may I help you.

[18:30] Customer: Hi, I am purchasing a AR135DHD5B….but I also see another model # AR120WH2 or AR120H2 available. Please advise the difference these models. Thanks

[18:31] Rick:  Certainly, let’s start with the AR120WH2. Here is the breakdown: AR means Aeon Series. 120 means it is a 120’ diagonal screen. WH2 means that it is a white material with a 16:9 (HDTV aspect ratio) – The other one just says “H2” this means that it is a matte gray material. (not ALR, just gray)

[18:32] Rick: AR135DHD5B means that it’s an Aeon – 135” – 16:9 Ambient Light Rejecting (Cinegrey 5D) material.

[18:32] Customer: Okay so the two 120’s. one is white and the other is grey but not ALR grey?

[18:33] Rick: Correct, it is just a matte gray. Here is a great comparison.  this is between matte white and the Cinegrey 3D which is not as bright.

[18:34] Rick: Here is some great advice on projection screen placement for optimal picture performance –

[18:35] Customer: Okay, got it so I am paying a higher price than these other screens because I am getting a high-performance specialty material.

[18:36] Rick: That is correct. The matte gray and matte white screens are good when there is adequate control over ambient light.  Your model is for ambient light rejection under normal room lighting or ISF – level performance in a darker environment.

[18:36] Customer: I like the edge free look as well

[18:37] Rick: It is extremely popular because it has the visual appeal of a large flat-panel display.  People often mistake them for giant TV displays.

[18:37] Customer: Is there an overall guide article on selecting a projection screen?

[18:37] Rick: There is.  Here is the article

[18:37] Rick: it just a grey material to enhance contrast.

[18:37] Customer: Ok, thanks.  I appreciate the answers.

[18:37] Rick: My pleasure.  Thank you for choosing Elite Screens


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