How to Select Chat: I need the right projector screen size for my classroom

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Getting the right projection screen size is easier than you think.  There is a process and this discussion along with the links will show you the way.




Here are the links used in the discussion that are for some favorite UST projector-friendly screens:



*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer” or a generic name.



[16:22] Jaime: Hello, how may I help you?

[16:23] Courtney Gregory: HI I have am looking for a 12ft x 9ft projector screen – electric. For a classroom

[16:24] Jaime: you can buy the most common electric screen used in classrooms here at this link:

[16:24] Jaime: this link leads to our shop website

[16:25] Jaime: you choose the size and aspect ratio

[16:25] Courtney Gregory: ok – I will take a look. Thanks

[16:27] Jaime: sure thing

[16:27] Jaime: thank you for contact us today

[16:27] Jaime: have a good day

[16:27] Jaime has left the conversation

[16:28] Courtney Gregory: you too

[16:28] Jaime has joined the conversation

[16:28] Jaime has left the conversation

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