Installation Chat: The Springs on my Aeon Screen Seem Too Tight.

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There are often cases where customers have trouble stretching the material onto an Aeon projection screen’s framework.  This discussion covers that topic.  It is important to remember that the PVC material will shrink when cold.   It is always best to lay out the material and let it achieve a comfortable room temperature before installation.



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*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer” or a generic name.


[18:01] Customer: Hello?

[18:01] Rick: Hello, how may I help you.

[18:02] Customer: I have a problem with my screen. The screen material does not fit the frame. several of the springs stretched during and after install. I used the spare springs to try to make it work but they have also stretched. There is a 1″ wavy border visible on top and bottom

[18:03] Customer: Day light can be seen through some of the bad parts

[18:03] Customer: I have submitted the form with a picture.

[18:04] Rick: ok one moment please.

[18:05] Customer: A note for you, the spring tension was so high that your spring puller actually pulled straight cutting two of my fingers when the loop at the end let go.

[18:05] Customer: Not seriously, but I could see the right person calling a lawyer.

[18:06] Customer: I wont be

[18:07] Customer: All instructions were followed to the letter.

[18:08] Rick: I confirm your claim, I am looking into the pictures.

[18:08] Customer: I have more if need be. Problem is, it will only let you load the 2mb at once.

[18:09] Customer: Yes, the bar is captured in all holes. There are no ripped holes and I have confirmed that the bar is captured by every spring.

[18:09] Customer: tension bar (fiberglass)

[18:10] Customer: When replacing the stretched springs with the spares they stretched in the same locations.

[18:11] Rick: we be happy to provide you more springs. also to help the material alleviate you may warm up the material using a hair dryer, or simply warm up the room. the material tends to contrict under cool temperature.

[18:12] Customer: I can try again, although it does look like the material is short on the vertical, the horizontal is perfect.

[18:13] Customer: Would it be possible to get a new puller with the springs? The other pulled straight out

[18:15] Rick: my team has followed up with me right now

[18:15] Rick: they will send you new spring, puller, and a material as well.

[18:15] Customer: The hook end is fine, the loop end where your fingers go Pulled out and in the process cut my baby and finger next to it. I would recommend gloves for install because of this.

[18:15] Customer: Thank you for your help.

[18:16] Rick: i will inform my product team on your recommendation.

[18:17] Customer: Thank you. Any idea how long?

[18:18] Rick: they are processing it today, and will have it ready to ship out by tomorrow. my service manager updated me on this.

[18:19] Customer: If the springs work, I would like to send the new screen back to you, if you are willing to pay shipping. I don’t want to negatively impact your business.

[18:19] Rick: no worries, if the material works you may keep it as a spare.

[18:20] Customer: Thank you, very much.

[18:20] Rick: you’re welcome.

[18:20] Customer: Have a great day.

[18:20] Rick: you as well.


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