Product Discussion Chat: What is the best projection screen size

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[17:39] Jaime: hello

[17:40] Rick: OK – looking for a screen recommendation (100″) for a Xiaomi Mijia (UST) Laser Projector Full HD 4K ALPD 3.0 5000 Lumens (Ultra Short Throw) in a 95% light controlled room. Pull down or electric, if you have it.

[17:40] Jaime: we have both. How much are you looking to spend?

[17:41] Rick: Well – that’s an issue. Not so much money as we will be moving in 2 to 3 years.

[17:42] Jaime: given your projector, for the electric type, you can go with this one

[17:42] Jaime:


[17:42] Jaime: if you want to spend less, go with this manual screen:


[17:43] Jaime: you can buy them directly through these links

[17:44] Rick: Much thanks – is this a white screen (any gain) and out of curiosity, what are the other choices? Also – I know you’re probably not a fan of UST projectors but since we will be moving (Caribbean) – I can take it with me! And, if the screen can easily be removed, it can be resold.

[17:45] Jaime: this screen has a 1.1 gain. This would be you’re only choice due to the type of projector that you have.

[17:46] Rick: What about the Aeon CLR? And the limited choices are due to the nature of UST’s themselves? Again – much thanks for your help.

[17:47] Jaime: the CLR material is specifically made for UST projectors

[17:47] Jaime: we only offer it in the Aeon series

[17:47] Jaime: this is a fixed frame screen

[17:47] Jaime: this is the best option for you if you are ok with not being able to retract the screen

[17:48] Rick: I will go with that in the future (if it can be transported) but currently, the screen goes over my 75″ LCD TV in a “dual” setup.

[17:48] Jaime: ok, sounds good

[17:48] Jaime: but do stick with the two models I provided you

[17:49] Rick: Last question – for a fixed screen, stay with the Aeron CLR Series. Is it shipped where it needs to be constructed?

[17:49] Rick: Aeon Series, excuse me.

[17:49] Jaime: yes, this screen has to be built. It takes about 20 minutes to build

[17:49] Jaime: very simple to do

[17:50] Rick: And how big is the shipment? (for future reference)

[17:50] Jaime: it will be a freight shipment

[17:50] Rick: I mean size/dimensions

[17:50] Jaime: standard carriers can not be used due to the length of the box

[17:51] Jaime: you can get all of the details of this screen here:


[17:51] Jaime: please refer to the packing dimensions table

[17:51] Rick: Thanks again, Jaime, and have a great day!

[17:51] Jaime: also, to help with the install, you can print out the dimensions table and user’s guide

[17:51] Jaime: you find this under DOWNLOADS

[17:51] Jaime: thank you for contacting us today

[17:52] Jaime: have a good weekend

[17:52] Jaime has left the conversation

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